What I am doing for my Skin and Hair this Winter? {Skin Care}

Btw, did I share with you guys that I am in Delhi and the weather is decidedly chilly and dry and my skin is really not doing that well without a moisturiser. Not that Hyderabad is not equally dry, though. So, how are you thinking of taking care of your skin from the onset of winters. Have you prepared it for the change in weather?

So, once upon a time when I had written about winter skin care, I had mentioned that our skin care regime starts with having a bath in a day but now I would like to change it a bit. Our skin care regime starts with how we start the day and what we eat. As it is, we take less water in winters and if the body lacks good fats, skin does tend to get dry. 

Tip #1 – Water does not hydrate your skin!!

Okay, so a very common misconception is that if we drink 10-12 glasses of water, it should be enough to hydrate the skin from inside out. Well, that is not so! Water is necessary to maintain hydration levels but not enough. So, what out body needs is good fat and omega 3 and vitamin E for keeping soft and supple. 

Solution : Load on the nut even before the winters set. If you do take any smoothies or oats or other cereals, put a spoonful of nuts in it. Otherwise, powder the nuts together and eat them with your meals once or twice a day. Another good option is flax seeds or alsi beej (in hindi). Roast them and powder them. Consume within 10 days. 

Tip #2 – Moisturize inside the shower!!

I have always recommended layering, specially in winters. But, an even better option which is helping me get through these days is moisturising inside the shower. Take your lotion with you and once you wipe yourself off, moisturize immediately. Forget the 3-minute moisturization rule. And, remember this instead. 
The skin is plump and extremely absorbent in the shower due to the heat and immediate cleansing so it drinks up the moisturiser or body oil you apply and prevents the water from escaping keeping your skin hydrated for an entire day. 
Sometimes, if your skin is extremely dry, you might need to apply the body lotion again in the later half of the day. At that time, you can use your toner and dampen your skin and then follow with the moisturiser; unless you take bath twice in a day!

Tip #3 – Sugar is your best friend right now!

Still feeling dry? Moisturising is not enough? Your skin needs regular exfoliation in the winters. And, you really do not want to use anything else right now. Sugar is hydrating as well as exfoliating so it is your best bet. I would recommend the homemade body polish which makes my skin absolutely amazing twice a week! Unless you have acne-prone skin in which case you need gentler exfoliation.
Another tip I would love to include here is that dry brushing should be a regular in your daily routine. It helps increase the skin cell turnover everyday and helps the body lotions and oils to get absorbed better in the skin. Also, it prevents the dry skin itch almost all day long.

Tip #4 – Not only hair but scalp also dries out!!

So, when you are busy taking care of your skin, do not forget that taking good care of scalp will keep the blood flowing to the follicles and promote hair growth which is generally less in the winter months. Also, scalp can get dry and tighten so I moisturise my scalp with 2-3 drops of pomegranate oil. You could also try out grapeseed oil for the oily skin or hair. 

Tip #5 – And, get going!! 

Do not ditch the early morning exercises in favor of warm blankets because it will make you lazier and prone to junk food cravings. And, in turn, cause you to accumulate more fat and make your skin dull. A fresh morning exercise can rev up your blood circulation as well making your skin well-accustomed to the weather changes. 

And, the bonus tip – Do not forget the sunscreen. Winter sun is just as strong as the summer one because UVA rays are still aging your skin.

These were my secret tips for skin and hair this winter. Now, its your turn. What are your special and secret tips for skin and hair care in winters?

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Loving It / Using It Vol. 12 – MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil

MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil product review

So, by now, you must surely be aware how huge a fan of hair oils I am and of hair care tips. My favourite time pass is to search out for new tips in hair care department. That is why the latest on the block is the egg hair oil I am using currently. Sounds interesting, right? Anyways, I shall discuss about this product some other time.
Let me jump right in for the current product we are here to talk about. So, this is a product by Lancy who runs the Makeup and Beauty Home blog. Apparently, this product is a concoction of a lot of herbs in a secret ratio which results in amazing hair which has given Lancy her long locks. And, no doubt, its a family secret which they have been carrying all along 🙂

Loving It / Using It : Using It

  • Price – Rs 400 for 100ml. Really expensive!
  • Packaging – Comes in a plastic bottle with a stopper so it does not really leak except for a few drops here and there. Might not be so travel-friendly but can not really comment on that!!
  • Smells – Ok, so, here is something which I noticed that it smells a lot like the mom’s oil I talked about. Well, my mum had put all the herbs she knew of in that oil, after all!! I could also smell a whiff of coconut oil but not very sure about that!! But, the smell is not really that strong that it would bother you though.
    • Ingredients – It is a secret recipe but we can be assured that it is handmade and herbal.  

    MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil product review

    Usage and Results 

    Well, honestly, one bottle lasted a hair oil junkie like me around 5-7 uses of heavy oiling using the regular oiling method I use. I love my hair oiled like a frying pan!! So, the oil does prove expensive in the long run. Anyways, I think I should have taken a before and after pic just to keep a record of how much has the product helped in hair growth.
    But, then, I do not think there was any significant hair growth so can not really comment on that. As regards to how it treated my hair, well, there was no change in hair fall either. Lately, my hair has been falling in a larger quantity but then remember that there is comparatively more hair fall in the fall months because of the hair growth cycles. The resting hair falls to make way for new hair. And, hair growth is less in these months due to dry and cold weather.  
    As regards to other results, unfortunately the conditions are too variable for my hair right now! My shampoo does not suit me, hair is dry and lanky and frizzy, conditioner is not in my routine and any hair mask has been abandoned since years!! So, any hair oil making a major impact immediately is going to go on my highly-coveted list but for now, this hair oil also fails to make that mark. I wish I could use it more to review it better. 

    My Verdict

    Well, I would say that the product better be used before any opinion is formed about it. I am kind of confused about it but then it is a completely herbal product which has showed promising results for many others.

    So, what do you think? Have you used the product? How did you find it? Do you also feel that hair growth is affected by a lot of factors and it is difficult to form an opinion about a certain product sometimes? What are your tips and tricks for hair growth and healthy hair care?

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