About the Blog
Perfect Skin Care for you was established in 2009 and since then it has been one of the renowned blogs in India. It has also been voted as the best Health blog in Indiblogger Awards 2013.

Please do read about the editor of Perfect Skin Care for you to know more about the blog and the author.

Little Bit about Audience
With 120,000+ users hitting the blog and over 250,000 page views in November (latest stats according to Google Analytics), Perfect Skin Care for you provides great exposure for your brand on the web. Though the blog was initially targeted towards the female audience, we do have a considerable male population becoming aware of the need for personal grooming and coming over to read the blog.

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Services provided
Download the services provided by Perfect Skin Care for you. Media Kit and pricing available on request. Do check out the blog policies as well.

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