#OneMonthtoHealthyHair – Activity of the Week – 1

Hey guys, so did you check out the first activity of the event? If not, check out my earlier post on Activity 1.

And, now, we come to the second part. We have something called Activity of the Week.

You do this small activity for the entire week and see if you feel any change in your hair. We have four different activities for the entire month of March. The effort is to incorporate small changes in your routine without much effort. So, what do we have for starters?

Massage your Scalp

Develop a habit to lightly rub your scalp with your finger tips whenever you are free, like watching television or relaxing. Not only does it help better hair circulation but it also relaxes you and reduces your stress. So, try this out for this entire week starting right now :)



  1. Nayantara says

    Decided to combine the inversion method with this one- I have done that twice already- 1 week each month (in Dec & Jan) and my hair actually did grow faster!

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