#OneMonthtoHealthyHair – Activity 1 – Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair careHey guys! So, yes, it has been long since I have been on the blog but I have constantly been behind it. You would have already seen the changes if you are reading it. So, we have finally shifted to WP and today we commence the #OneMonthtoHealthyHair event. So, today, we have the first activity of the event.

Activity 1 – Hot Oil Treatment

Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. So, take out sometime unless you have planned a day out. And, pamper your tresses.

So, take out your favourite hair oil, warm it a bit in microwave or by putting the bottle in hot water and then apply using a cotton ball on your scalp. Massage your scalp for 15-20 minutes while watching your favourite movie. And, then apply the oil to your hair length, leave your hair for at least an hour and then wash off.

Btw, while washing, do not forget to use a table spoon of vinegar in case you do not use a clarifying shampoo. And, then, leave the conditioner on for 10 minutes while you shave off your legs or give yourself a pedicure.

And, do not forget the leave-in after coming out of the shower. Or, if you are willing to experiment, take 2-3 drops of coconut or almond oil and rub it in your palms and then pass your fingers through your hair. Concentrate on the ends!

And, then, do not forget to share your comments below :) See ya tomorrow with another activity!



  1. Nayantara says

    Hi Swati, I have been following your blog for a short while and just want to send a shout-out and big thanks for all your hard work and effort. I find your DIYs and other concoctions & to be really helpful & very different from the run of the mill stuff found on the net! Also, the healthy hair event is a great idea. Big hug!

  2. Pranav says

    “Hi Swathi, It is really a great tip, May I know what kind of oil we can use for this therapy and will it help in hair growth…?? I am currently using himalaya anti hair fall oil as suggestion of evaidya.com online doctor. It worked well for me in control over hair fall. Should I change oil for this therapy now..Please give me your valuable suggestion on this…
    Thank you..

    • says

      hi Pranav. i can suggest any cold pressed coconut oil or almond oil would do for the hair. sorry, no idea about the himalaya product, though! if it is working for you, you can continue with it as well :)

  3. Jesintha says

    Hi Swathi, This is Jesintha (I’m from Guntur). Your tips are very inspirational… I have very thin hair and recently because of my weight loss dieting I lost quite a lot of hair and now I decided to concentrate on my hair re growth. I started using Oil treatment first ( Mix of Tea tree oil, Almond Oil and Castor Oil). But while I apply Oil to my scalp I see I am losing more hair. This makes me feel so depressed. Is this common to lose hair after you apply Oil. Please let me know. Thank you.. :)

    • says

      hi Jesintha. thank you for your kind words :)

      reg. hair loss, your dieting might have triggered hair loss or nutritional deficiency has made your hair roots weak which is why they are falling off. in such a case, initial application of oil does result in lot of hair fall as all the older and weaker hairs fall off making way for the new hair.

      my suggestion would be to keep oiling your hair at least twice or at most thrice a week and follow these instructions specifically:

      using cotton ball helps the weak hair to fall off and stimulates the hair follicles to grow new hair. also, make sure to use warm oil each time. and, add a table spoon of castor oil to your hair oil for hair growth :)

      do let me know how it works!! and, do keep following the event :)

  4. Padma says

    Hi Swati..
    I delivered in Aug 2014 since that time I have severe hair fall.what shall I do.am washing my hair twice a week.Am using Parachute Ayurvedic oil and H&S shampoo.can u suggest me some home made oils and shampoos.And pls suggest me some remedies for my hair fall.please..

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