My Hair Diary – January 2015

My Hair Diary hair care tips

Huh…yes, I know I disappeared again! Sometime back in one of the post, I had mentioned about how this was a birthday week for us. In fact, the problem is that both our birthdays (mine and Mr. P’s) fall just 10 days apart. And, then, the whole year is dry which is very disheartening. Anyways, my parents had also come down for my birthday so things had become very hectic.
In fact, on a personal note, this birthday was probably my best birthday. I have never ever felt so pampered as I felt on this one. There were just endless gifts and surprises. And, that has sure made me so greedy! I was just left wanting more. So, I desperately need to bring back the zen into my life.
Content is the key to great blog and Contentment is the key to great life!

What I did?

On the hair front, the year did start on a positive note. I did try taking care of my hair pretty well so hot oil treatments and after-wash scalp care were on top of my list. Other than that, there was not much I did. 

  • Hot Oil Treatment – I love the cotton ball method and definitely recommend you to try it. It has been a long time I have used essential oils in it, though. So, guess, its time to start it again.  
  • After-wash Scalp Treatment – Healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. And, lately, my scalp has become prone to a lot of itchiness. So, I love to apply scalp treatments which are cooling and soothing for the hair after washing it. And, finally, seal the hair with a leave-in treatment. 
  • Hair Massage – Did you ever feel that how so ever many massage sessions you might take at home, a good one at a salon is always much more relaxing and peaceful for the body? I had one massage session and loved it to the core but it just did not last long enough!

Products Used

Not much on hair care department and even the products I used were not very much different. Check out what I used?

    • Scalp Treatment – Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer (review coming soon)
    • Leave-in – Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil (review coming soon)

    Plans for this Month

    • Hair Cut – I have to get rid of the splits immediately so this one is on the top of the list. And, my hair ends length have become very uneven.
    • Hair Spa – A good hair spa session is something which I have been planning since quite long! So, hopefully it should be on the cards this month.  

    So, this is my hair diary for this month. Can you believe we are already in the second month. It is only 11 more months to the next year!

    What do you say? How did you take care of your hair this month? Have you done anything new like coloring the hair or getting a different hair cut? Do share in the comments below!

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