A new product on the block – a Preview!

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect product preview

So, last month, I was sent this really chic package with couple of products for different age groups. It is a basically a customized skin care line for different age groups depending on their skin quality and needs. And, first impressions are last impressions. The packaging is very interesting!

Who used the products?

Yes, I shall keep the products as a surprise for you all to guess. But, we can start with what we felt in the initial usage. I used one age group product and gave Mr. P the other one. And, the last one I gave to my dad!

How did we feel?

So, let me say that Mr. P loved the product. He says it brings a glow on the face and yes it does! This stands true for both the products we tried.

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect product preview

My dad has not yet got back with his opinion because he looks more for wrinkle removal than the even tone and fairness part. But, yup, even his face did glow 😀

So, I shall return with the entire product review sometime next week. Till then, keep guessing which product is it?? Do share in the comments below! 

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