Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum {Product Review}

Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum for anti-aging skin care Product Review

Lets not call this a review because it has been almost a year since I have finished the product! I was looking through the blog photographs for product reviews when I came across these snaps. Since I have never seen any review of this product, I thought I would at least do a quickie mention of it.

This is the most expensive product I have bought till date and that was only because it was my wedding and I could indulge in a bit of luxury. I always had an eye on this product. Well, it says it has gold so who will not be interested, right?
And, did I receive any compliments when I used it? I guess yes when I had just started using it but then I was drinking coconut water also that time 😀 Now, did the gold in the product do anything for my skin? Well, I am really not sure about that neither do I think the gold displayed any anti-aging properties!


Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum for anti-aging skin care Product Review
The pic is a little darker so here is the transcript!
Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (40%), Clarified Ghee (18%), Sweet Almond Oil (16%), Cow’s Milk (9.2%), Liquorice (4%), Shirish (3%), Vansh (3%), Turmeric (2%), Saffron (1.5%), Sandalwood Essential Oil (1%), Ashwagandha (1%), Methi (1%), 24 Karat Gold Bhasma (0.3%)

  • Price: Rs 2750 for 25ml (very expensive!)
  • Availability: Online on various websites, Forest Essentials Stores and Outlets
  • Packaging: Very elegant but actually it is plastic. I would have preferred a glass packaging.
    • Fragrance: Had the fragrance of the product bothered me, I would have surely remembered it! So, I guess it might have been fine. 
    • Texture: As you can see in the pic, the serum is not really dense. It does not leave behind that oily feeling. 

    Forest Essentials Soundarya Advanced Serum for anti-aging skin care Product Review

    Usage and Results

    Now I do not really remember all the details.
    One to two pumps of the product is enough to cover the face and neck. Because of the expense, you would obviously be judicious in using the product. Also, any more can get oily, depending on your skin type! I do not remember whether it is enough to moisturise your skin. 
    The results are not visible immediately but yes the skin gets plumper. The effects on the aging lines and fine lines might take sometime to show. My skin did look glowing in the initial days of using the product but I am not very sure how long it lasted though! 

    My Verdict

    What I remember thinking was that it is more of a luxurious buy. But, honestly said, that would not deter me from buying the product again, if I have the dough to spare. For now, I am contending myself by finishing the products in my over-flowing shelf!

    Have you used this product? How did you like it? Does the gold in the serum sound interesting to you? Would you like to try the product? Do share your views in the comments below!

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    1. kavya says

      good post, i always wanted to try forest essential products, thanks for the review, and am from hyderabad

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