#DidYouKnow top 5 reasons to get pregnant before you reach 30? {Pregnancy}

why should you plan babies before you reach 30

Well, as I mentioned in the Blogging Goals for #2015 post, I shall be slowly branching out into baby planning and pregnancy posts with time.

So, the first issue which I have today is how much does age influence your ability to have a baby. In fact, I had already asked a lady who had a baby quite late into her 30’s which not quite uncommon these days and here is what she replied.
See, it is absolutely fine to have a baby even after 30. It is only people who say that age matters but actually it is just to make you feel insecure and plan a baby beforehand. And, are not there quite a lot of women who have babies late in their lives?

Well, as much as I agree with the lady, I do have my own reservations. So, let me first illustrate why would anyone want you to have babies as soon as possible.


In the olden days in fact even up to our grand parents, they used to get married by the age of 20, if not earlier, and then bear the first kid within a year and follow up with numerous progeny till they could actually bear children resulting in family the size of the cricket teams. There was no concept of family planning back then. And, that is how it is done!

Activeness of the Grandparents

Even though our life expectancy has increased, our parents emotionally blackmail us to have kids asap stating we would love to have kids in the house and it has been so long since we heard a baby’s cry and play with them. And, if they need, the grand parents can substitute the parents in taking care of the kids while the parents are out working. 

Parents should be in earning stages till kids settle down

Slowly, the age gaps between parents and kids is increasing. Because, we want to live our lives, settle down, enjoy before the responsibility which makes us pretty old by the time we have a baby. And, then, by the time the kid grows to 20, we are most likely to reach 50+. And, then, the kids would not have settled down by the time we are ready for retirement.
Taking a case study, I used to have a colleague who was probably 45 or near about and her son has enrolled into first year of engineering last year so now she is free to take on her life and the couple have at least 10-12 more years to their work service by which time the son would obviously settle down in a good job and hopefully have a family too. That is the ideal scenario when the parents are young enough to witness their kids marriage and manage the grand kids.

All of the people are talking about it!

This is probably the worse of all the above excuses used to make one bear kids. The society is talking. 
Is not the society talking all the time? They talk when you are not scoring well enough, they talk when you did not get into engineering and went for commerce or arts, they talk when you are not getting married, they talk when you have a love marriage, they talk when the wedding did not go well, they talk when you have kids, they talk when you do not have kids, I mean seriously shut up!

And, finally, the Age of the Female

Yes, probably, this is one of the most medically supported reasons to have kids before you hit the 30 mark. The bones of the female body get weaker with age and even the gyneacs advice us to bear at least one child before we get 30. Also, the hormonal changes in the body wreak havoc otherwise. Though, I have yet to find out more of the medical evidence for it.

So, What do you say? What are the most common excuses heard to make a couple plan for a baby? Do you really believe in having a baby on pressure or would you like to take your time? 

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