Weekly Chats on 13th January, 2015 and #OneMonthtoHeathyHair Update

Hey All!! Happy Weekend. 
So, I am here to announce the Weekly Chat part 2 schedule. I have arranged it on 13th January, 2015, Tuesday, at 12:00 PM on the fb event page. Please do join me over there. 
We shall be continuing with the same topic “Fitness Resolutions and Health Routines” for the entire month so that makes roughly 4 sessions. Hopefully, by that time, we all will be used to our routines and keep the Be Healthy new year resolution going!! 
Looking forward to seeing you there on Tuesday at 12:00 noon.

And, the other update is regarding the other event #OneMonthtoHealthyHair which I had announced would be from 1st March to 31st March. You must be wondering what exactly is this event about so let me try and answer the most obvious questions!

When is the event? 
1st March to 31st March

Here, online! We will have it on the blog in form of posts and to do’s. And, on facebook in form of discussions and participation. Do check out the event page.

Is it paid?
No, it is a free event. Anyone can attend it.

Who is it for?

It is for all people who love their hair but are concerned about it because it is dry and damaged and shows no signs of health. It is for everyone who wants to have a healthy hair
What is the goal of the event?
I am aiming it to be a collaborative event. Every one will share their tips and tricks for healthy hair and help each other. At the end of one month, the goal is to have a healthier hair than we began with. 
What would we do in the event?
I am currently preparing the material for the event. I have put in some to do instructions which must be carried out for improving the hair health, discussions on various hair problems, sharing hair growth tips, tips to look after colored hair, pregnancy and hair fall issues, product recommendations and all things about hair!! Every day we can have a discussion of 1-2 hours at a convenient time for all. 
We will have a hair care regimen which must be followed and can be customized according to your hair problems. What do you say about it? Does the event excite you as much? Do share in your ideas about it!! And, till then do not forget to join me on Tuesday. 


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