Its Just Life Vol. 4 – Let us Uncomplicate!

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So, if you have read my blogging goals for the current year, you would already know that professional blogging has made my life pretty complicated!! I have lost the focus on blogging by becoming a full time blogger. The focus had shifted to making the blog self-sustainable. And, reading a whole lot about it became just too much for me!

It was like being bombarded by do this and do that and this would not work and that would not work. You know internet is a pretty negative place if you really do not know what you want!
This entire exercise made me lose interest in writing! And, that was BAD. You should really be selective about what information you consume. Let’s start!

1. Clear Your Mind

You really need to be selective about what you let sit in your mind. There is so much of everything happening around and you really can not help thinking about everything. So, chuck everything from your mind. 
If you have ever worked in any company, you would know that quite a lot of people prefer freshers. No, not because of lesser salary but because of lesser experience. A mind with a clean slate can be moulded in anyway you want. Where as a mind with certain principles of its own will never react the way you want it to. 

The same principle works here as well. The assumptions you make, the impressions on your mind, the thoughts you have, everything leaves your mind in a turmoil. And, when this gets too much, generally in the cases of a lot of emotional drama in your life, you tend to feel insane! 
A good step to avoid such situations is to clear your mind. Stay away from the things which disturb you. And, if that is not possible, create situations which help you stay away. 
For example, when staying at home became too much for me to bear, I started staying back longer in the office. I have always been a girl who loves to go home as early as possible but this step made my life simpler! 
This is just an example but you get the idea so work on it!

2. Work on your Body!

As important as it is to keep your mind calm, it is equally important to keep your body fit. More exercise means more endorphins which are happiness hormones. So, you stay happy, irrespective of the situations! And, it builds your confidence and self-esteem. So, yes, work out or take it gradually – go for a walk daily! 

3. Focus on what is important and discard everything else!

This is more or less a variant of #1. But, what I want to say here is that always prioritize what you want. Think of the larger picture, not of today but one year down the line then five years down the line and then about how you want your whole life to be. And, work towards that goal. 
Remove the negative thoughts which hamper your ability and productivity. Remove all the drama which involves you. Avoid situations or simply walk out. Do what you think is best!! But, make sure you are not travelling in two boats at the same time. That will make your life worse. So, have one goal and travel only in one boat towards that goal. 
For example, I want to build this blog. I did not want to work so I left my job. You bet everyday I listen so much from everyone and yes it is quite depressing sometimes. But, then, when I think about the blog, nothing else matters! Yes, there are other goals but my primary goal is blogging and I shall achieve other goals through this.
Watch out for every depressing thought. 
Few days back, I received an email from one of the reader’s who asked me to write about emotional health. So, this is a trial from my side on the topic. I am trying to align the series to my moods so that it is easy for me to pen them down. Hope you like it!!

Now, I am feeling overwhelmed so let me just practice these three tips for the week and I shall get back to you with new ones sometime next week. And, do not forget to share what do you think of these new series? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    An apt post for us bloggers !!

    I have always fallen into the doing everything not excelling in one thing, but with time I understood that prioritizing is very important in life too.

    Secondly I have freed myself of disturning thoughts. If our mind is disturbed, our blog will suffer, our personal life too suffers.

    I love the emotional health part. Sounds very interesting :)

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