#OneMonthtoHealthyHair Challenge – How’s my Hair doing?

Can you guess the products? I love how it adds a pop of color to my shelf!!

So, let me state three things which happened in the last week!!

1. I have been wanting to change my shampoo since quite long now – either the shampoo I have been using has stopped working or my hair needs a change or I am just too bored of using a single brand for more than two years. And, I had been seriously considering trying the two brand ranges which have been reportedly doing well for many! 
2. I am prepping the hair for the #OneMonthtoHealthyHair event starting March 1st!
3. And, then, I get a mail from a brand about a hair challenge they are conducting. I have to use their products for one month and report back! Incidentally, this range is one of the brands I had been seriously considering so I said yes! 
So, the first step in the activity is to detail out on the present condition of my hair!! 

My Biggest Hair Problem!

I have dry curly hair which tends to develop lot of splits if not cared for regularly, and by that I mean ever week!! And, it does tend to get a bit rough sometimes like it did these winters which is the major reason why I had been thinking of changing the shampoo. 

Also, it is possible that it has developed a product build-up so if you think your hair is going through the same phase, try out vinegar. Add a table spoon to the shampoo and then continue washing your hair!! Result – Bouncy and Shiny Hair.

Split Ends?

It has been again 3 months since I did my hair diaries post. I should have kept up with it! So, I had my hair cut in September and my hair did grow back but again a lot of split ends have developed. So, yup, hair cut is pending!! 

Hair Fall, Weak Roots?

I remember that it was November when I used to find so much hair in my comb. Thankfully, it has reduced now. But, itchy scalp still persists! No, I have not yet tried the essential oils. But, tea tree and rosemary essential oils work for itchy scalp!! 
Okay, I do not suffer from weak roots but for those who do, please remember that proper balanced diet is extremely important. Include a lot of protein in your diet and regular scalp massages help with improving blood circulation and improves the scalp conditions.

Frizziness, Dry Hair, Undernourished Hair, Rough Hair?

Due to the winter-y dryness, the hair has developed static and has become a little frizzy but regular after wash hair care does help with that!! Try to use 5 drops of rosehip or pomegranate oil. Even almond oil can help. 
Hot Oil Treatment has been helping a lot to control dryness and rough hair! Also, eating a lot omega 3 helps with hair dryness so do not forget nuts and other dry fruits.

Dull Hair? 

Curly hair, by default, lacks shine. So, yes, it is more prone to dullness. I, too, suffer from the same problem. 


So, I shall be reviewing the product on the grounds of split ends – not getting more of them (remember that existing split ends can NOT be repaired), dry hair – soft and healthier hair and, if possible, shinier hair as well. 

So, that is my hair condition right now. Let us see how much the product helps to improve it! And, by the way, you might have noticed I have blacked out the product name. So, can you guess it? Would you also like to take the hair challenge? Do share your hair condition in the comments below! 

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  1. Madhu M says

    Hi. I guess its Garnier Fructis, the triple nutrition variant. I have fine dry and frizzy hair. I am still hunting for my HG shampoo. Any suggestions please.

    • says

      hi Madhu. yup the guess is correct :) huh…do not ask me. even i am looking around for the same thing. i used organic surge for two years and thought it to be the one but somehow it stopped working! but, i would definitely suggest only sls free shampoos and once a month, a cleansing shampoo or using vinegar with your shampoo to remove product buildup. any product on the hair leaves buildups!

    • says

      hi Deepika. first of all, try using vinegar once in 15 days with your shampoo . also, when you are washing your scalp, massage it for 3 minutes without fail. it really works well.
      also, using henna helps to a certain extent.

  2. says


    I too have dry and dandruff prone frizzy hair. I am in the hunt for shampoos and conditioners that suit my hair. But this year there is a difference. No SLS/SLEs, paraben laden shampoos or products.

    I really want my hair to break out of the chemicals. Will definitely try my level best to take care of my mane :)

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