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Revisiting this post and updating it. So, please go through it once again! 

This winter has been particularly dry in the city and after ages of time, I experienced flaky and cracked skin! And, it has been hell for me for the past couple of days! Which made me realize why is my skin reacting in this way!

I have used coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil, even cocoa butter and the recent DIY – washed ghee. They have all helped a bit but not much! And, then, I recalled that there are actually two types of dry skin – dehydrated and actually dry skin!
Do you really know the difference between dry skin and oily skin? Yes, you will say. Dry skin feels stretched and oily skin is like a frying pan. But, ultimately the chemistry of both these types of skin lack some important ingredient which keeps the skin balanced. Either the skin lacks hydration or moisturization

Hydration means water and moisturization means oil.

Now, do not confuse the two. A healthy balance of the above two is the key to that perfect skin and solving all the skin issues which plague you. So, let us look at both of the terms with respect to their skin conditions a little closely. 

Why Dry skin?

Skin can be dry for two reasons – it lacks water or the hydration levels of the skin is too less because of the less water consumption by the person, if we cancel out all other factors which lead to dry skin and assume that the person is following healthy skin habits. Also, there is a decrease in the natural skin oils or lipids which create a protective layer over the skin and help keep it moisturised.

So, to counter dry skin, apply both oil and water based moisturizers or you can use different moisturizers having water and oil and layer them. That is what I do. I use aloevera gel first and follow up with a facial oil. Doing just either of these steps will make the skin feel stretchy. Also, a tip is to apply the moisturisers and oils on damp skin.

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Which Dry Skin do You have?

So, now, it is up to you to decide which dry skin do you have? In most of the cases, generally the reason for dry skin is dehydration instead of lack of oils!

Drinking More Water does NOT help

Now that you know that your skin is dry due to less water content, I would like to add that drinking up a lot water and herbal tea does not replenish the moisture levels in your skin! The acidic level of the skin and the lipid barrier has been disturbed which is why skin is behaving in the way it is!!

Even Oily skin can be Dehydrated!

Even in oily skin, there is ample of oil but what it really lacks is hydration. Even oily skin can get dehydrated and this dehydration sends mixed signals to the brain which in turn causes skin to produce more oil to counter the missing water from the skin.

Result – even more oily skin but no hydration. So, to counter oily skin, apply water-based moisturizers regularly.

How to Treat this kind of Dehydration?

  • Eat a lot of omega 3’s – nuts, flax seeds, fish.
  • Eat water based fruits
  • Avoid dry brushing at this time as it can worsen the situation! 
  • Avoid hot water baths at ANY cost! Trust me, I am doing the same. 
  • Check out the cleanser you are using. Make sure it is mild and is not made of any acids, even salicylic acid! 
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly because it will be turning flaky quite a lot! And, always use hydrating scrubs. The best bet would be sugar scrubs. Avoid salt and harsh scrubs at all costs!!
  • Apply sunscreen in the morning and follow a stringent skin care routine at night. Use of toners is a good choice! 

Remember that skin will take time to heal!! So, be regular with your skin care routine. And, your skin will improve in 2-3 weeks.

What do you say? Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Does it need more water or oil? And, what are you doing to keep your skin soft this winter?
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  1. says

    I have pretty normal skin that turns oily in summers.. but I love the hydration part :) I am not so comfortable with oil based moisturizers.

  2. Anonymous says

    hi, i have too much oily skin (age 34year). Can u suggest some tips to remove excess oil and improve compexion

  3. Anonymous says

    A Good article. Came to know the difference in the moisturizers through this simple and straight article. thanks :)

  4. Anonymous says

    good blog, one should use natural and ayuervedic products, they are made of ingredients which helps in increasing different things which particular skin wants.

  5. says

    The summers in Arizina are brutal on the skin. I really like the hydration and moisturizing. We have a ton of aloe vera it grows everwhere. I use it all the time. Good tip.

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