Blogging Series Vol. 19 – Blogging Goals for #2015!!

blogging goals for perfectskincareforyou in 2015

Well, I have to say that since I have taken full time blogging, it has been feeling overwhelming! Being a professional blogger increases the commercial interests and that has made me lose focus on what made me start blogging in the first place! It was like reading all about blogging except writing – you know do this, do that and do what not and avoid this and this would not work out and the list is endless. Whew!

So, I thought it would be good to realign myself with what and why of the blog before proceeding to do anything! This past week has been a silent one – first with the festival frenzy and then with all of this thinking. And, finally, I have decided to start with a clean slate. So, let us check what all we have in store for #2015.

#1. Realigning the purpose and goals of the Blog

I remember why I had started this blog. It was to share my knowledge on how to take care of skin and hair using simple home remedies which were easy on the pocket and equally effective. So, budget was one of the mantras at that time. I was studying and I really did not intend to spend much.
While writing about skin and hair, delving into healthy lifestyle was inevitable. So, there were and are a lot of articles about simpler lifestyle and healthy habits which if integrated with daily habits would be one step closer to leading a healthy life. 
Then, we delved into product reviews and I discovered and worked with a lot of brands – good and bad – and recommended some of them to you. And, then, we stopped evolving!
Worse still, I had almost abandoned the blog for one year during my wedding and I am sure it must have upset you to not find any new content on the blog for weeks and months together!
And, let me tell you getting back to blogging is really not easy! In these past few months, I had so much trouble churning out new articles. It was almost like I was forcing myself to write and that is what I want to avoid!! So, writing better content without forcing myself is a goal this time. And, as you might have known, I have reduced the frequency of posting as well to help me in this goal. So, you would find articles every alternate day!

#2. Weekly Chats!

I have already had two weekly chat sessions this year and now I am planning the third this weekend sometime. But, the problem is that this weekend and the next one are the birthday times for us. So, it might be a leetle-bit difficult to accommodate it these two weeks.
Actually, the problem with these sort of chats is that I am putting them on facebook and not everyone wants to be publicly involved in it. And, then, both the chats were in the noon time on a working day so that also made impossible for some people to attend it. So, I have to think of a way around it!! Let us see what I come up with.

#3. #OneMonthtoHealthyHair Event

Now, this is a real experiment I am doing. Well, this is a one month event starting on 1st March, 2015 to 31st March, 2015. March is the starting of summer and as you already know hair grows better in the warmer months. So, I am holding this event for all the beauties with dry, rough and damaged hair who want a better hair.
In this one month, we all will follow a defined hair care regime which I shall obviously post about and at the end of each week, we shall compare the progress. Also, included are discussions on various hair issues and problems everyday of the month. So, yes, it is a packed month!! And, there would be giveaways and other fun contests included as well. So, do join in! Check out the event facebook page.
I am also planning to release and ebook after the event. So, fingers crossed!!
did you know series by perfectskincareforyou

#4. #DidYouKnow Series on facebook

I have started a new branded graphics #DidYouKnow. Including one of them here.

#5.Change in the flow of posts – More Topics

If you have ever noticed, my blog has always been aligned to my life’s flow so more of new topics specially on baby planning and pregnancy and all those things will be coming up. Yes, parenting would be a part of the blog once we become one! No, there is no good news on the cards right now. Hope you would like the new topics as well!

So, these are the top things on my mind right now! And, yup, I want to share a secret – I am working on a project right now and I am extremely excited about it. Okay, I am building up the suspense here so keep it going till I announce about it! Hopefully, it should be soon enough.

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