An Announcement – Weekly Chats with Me!

Well, I have been feeling quite alone so I thought it is time to take the blog to another notch. I have lately been feeling like a professor.

Why professor? He brainstorms the topic, researches about it, prepares the notes, comes to the class, delivers a lecture and goes away. If he is lucky, he will get a few questions from the students which he will answer. Well, that is a boring professor, right? 

So, I decided I would hold weekly chat sessions on a particular topic every week and get to interact with you all and know your problems more closely. So, this week, the topic is “Fitness Resolutions and Health Routines“! 
Weight control and healthy lifestyle might figure as the top most on everyone’s new year resolutions list but they are notorious on being the least kept resolutions. So, why not start with it before we lose the enthusiasm?
So, I hope to see you all on the Perfect Skin Care for you fb page on 6th January, Tuesday, at 12:00 PM for an hour long chat session. Hope you like the idea :) Do let me know what you think about it in the comments below.


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