5 Steps to combat an impending Migraine {Health}

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If you have been a regular reader here, you would already know that I suffer from mild migraines and I have tried almost everything to overcome them and prevent them. With a good diet, I had been able to successfully ward them off in the last month of December but, unfortunately, I have had the first bout of mild headache this year. 
In fact I have had two bouts already but these steps worked only once. These were helpful when I had a throbbing sensation in the head indicating the impending migraine but not when I woke up with a headache in the morning. So, why do you wake up with a headache is a separate topic for discussion.

Have a proper Meal and drink lots of Water

Anyways, so let us start with the impending migraine scenario. So, whether you feel like eating or not, eat a proper balanced diet and make sure it consists of proteins and fibre, both!! Also, drinks lots and lots of water. Many times, a headache can be due to dehydration. Do check out other reasons for headaches.  

Take a mild Medicine 

Well, I do not really advocate medicines at all times but headaches are an exception. I do not think twice while taking it. But, if you belong to the category of waiting it out, I would suggest using a headache balm or lavender or peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus works wonderfully for me!!

Take Steam

And, then, follow with taking steam for 10-15 minutes. Your headache can be due to sinusitis congestion and muscle tension. Steam relieves the congestion and tension, both. And, relaxes you a bit.

Try to eliminate toxins from your system

Another very funny method to relief from impending headache is to visit the washroom. Yup, drinking excess water will help you eliminate toxins from your system. Also, a good bowel movement this time would help you relieve the constipation, in case your headache is due to that reason. 
Also, one of the easier ways is vomiting. Generally my migraines are accompanied by nausea. And, vomiting cleanses the entire system relieving you of nausea and gradually from headache.

Lie down in a dark room 

And, the final step is to lie down in a quiet dark room. Even if you are not feeling sleepy, a nice doze will help you relax. 
So, these are the 5 steps to get rid of an impending migraine. But, I would again say this that these steps help only in some cases of headaches. To combat all sorts of headaches, we have to first diagnose what type of a headache is it and what is the cause.

Now is your turn to share your tips to combat an impending headache or migraine? Do you use any medicine or essential oil to get rid of headaches? Or, do you simply sleep it off? Do share in the comments below! And, do not forget to join me at 12:00 PM tomorrow on facebook on a small discussion on “Fitness Resolutions and Health Routines.” See you there!

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  1. Coral crue says

    drinking water does wonders, just that most people wouldn’t even consider having even food or water after onset of migraine but it really works

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