My Best Friend’s Wedding! {Bridal Files}

my best friends wedding bridal files at perfect skin care for you

So, my friend is getting married and soon. Well, I have given her many many advises, most of which she chooses to ignore. She is making a worse bride than me!! She is hardly going to the parlor coz she is acne-prone and says that facials do not suit her. 

Well, she never really had any till date! Only clean ups. Well, her buying spree is even worse because she is so besieged with indecision. And, thank god she does not know about the blog otherwise she would kill me 😀 Anyways, lets check out the tips I have given her. 

Buy only what YOU Like without looking too rude!!

There is no dearth of advises and pressures when one is getting married or engaged or literally any life event, especially if you live in India. And, then, there are so many expectations when it comes to being a bride – she should listen to what her elders say and not be rude or adamant on a decision and blah blah. 

Well, in my time, I had to buy one saree which I absolutely hate. It was over-priced and low on quality and I do not like that sort of sarees but unfortunately no one else listened to me. Anyways, that is an old story. But, it is actually quite sad that people want the bride to dress up as they wish not as she wishes. 
my best friends wedding bridal files at perfect skin care for you

Do not forget the medicines kit

You would want to check on your period schedule and get your medicines in order. And, then, there are other emergency medicines which you should carry with you. Keep a first aid sort of a mini-kit in all of your bags – one which you take with you to the wedding venue, one which goes straight to your in-laws place and one with you for the honeymoon. 

For Acne-prone and Oily or Combination Skin

So, take cinnamon and nutmeg out of your kitchen shelf, grind them and take a bit of the powder. Mix it with water / green tea / tomato juice / ginger juice / potato juice and apply on entire face or acne spots and breakouts or blemishes. Let it dry and wash off. 
Also, another tip for oily or combination skin to fight the oil is to wash the face with salt water. Do try out this tip.
my best friends wedding bridal files at perfect skin care for you

Think about Honeymoon and plan beforehand without getting stressed

The wedding is just 2 months away and they have not yet zeroed in on the place and looking at the super-expensive airfares and considering they are planning out of India trip, it is high time one should select and plan the trip unless you are taking some break before leaving for the honeymoon. Otherwise, you would end up getting stressed about planning for it and end up paying more because of delaying it for too long. 

Go and take care of your Skin

She has absolutely perfect hair but not-so-well-behaved skin so she should actually go to a doctor and get some advise. But, she simply refuses. I guess it would do good to find out treatments for acne-prone skin and give them a try way before the D-date so that you know if it helps the skin or not. So, you do not end up making the same mistake she is making, ok?

So, these were just some of the tips I shared with her. There were lot more but those were situational. So, I would discuss them later on. What advise would you give your best friend for her wedding and does she listen to you?

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