5 things not worth Stressing Over! {Health}

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So, the last few days have been quite irritable for me taking into account that I have not been well lately and also because I ended up causing too much damage to our vehicle and regretting over it. And, that one incident itself resulted in almost a one and half day of non-productivity!! 

The worse is that when we are in creative jobs instead of the routine ones, a lot of our productivity depends on what kind of mood we are in, at least it does for me. Which is why I can write a lot of posts in one stretch and none in another!! Well, finally, since I got over my non-productive stretch, I am trying to do everything to not to run into that rut again!! And, that is why I have decided to post only thrice a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that I am not stressed about writing posts everyday!!
So, let us check out what are some of the things which are really not worth a dime to stress over! And, probably that will help you as well to deal with some of the everyday things in a positive way!!

Materialistic Things

Recently, I ended up banging my car. I have a history with electronic items, whether it is a mobile or laptop, nothing lasts with me for more than 6 months in perfect and pristine conditions. 

I have changed more than 4 laptops in last 3 years!! My present one does not have a battery, the speakers were damaged within a year of buying it, the control key came out within a month and, oh yes, the left hinge is broken!! 
Lately, something went wrong with my vaccum cleaner! And, the coolers I buy never seem to last. Somehow, my Sony Xperia is still managing well but it has suffered from some scratches :(
So, now, even if I go and buy something, I always let someone else choose the piece which I want to buy!! Absolutely essential for me if I want them to be in better condition. Anyways, jokes apart, if I started getting stressed about all these things, I would never get any work done. 
So, I would only say these things are really not worth stressing about. So, relax and enjoy. If your laptop has conked out, take a day off the internet and really enjoy your real world. Go and read a book. You would definitely love the change. 

Your Dreams

This is a personal observation. Yes, you should work your ass off for your dreams and aspirations but never lose sleep over it. Dreams and goals are supposed to make you feel good, not stressful. They are a place which makes you blissfully happy and ignites you with the passion of doing more. 
But, if they start stressing you, remember that probably you should ease off a bit and enjoy life more so that when your dream really comes true, you will not forget to be happy. Nothing is worth your happiness, not even your dreams. So, take a break. 

Learning Something New

Unless you are a student and have to clear an exam, learning should not be a difficult process. It should be fun. And, remember, that life itself is a learning platform so you are learning every single second. 
So, if you are really forcing yourself to do something, may be you do not have an aptitude for it or you might just not like it!! Worse still, it can be your choice of career as well. 
Just remember that make learning fun instead of stressing over it. You can find newer ways to accomplish the thing you are trying. For example, you really want to learn swimming but whenever it is time for classes, you find yourself making all the excuses, may be its just not worth it or just go with it and may be you will have fun at the end of it :)


Ok, so, this is one thing I would say NEVER to have. In fact, I have followed it up after learning something new (above point) just for a reason. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to learn things but if we leave them in mid way, we might end up regretting that why did I not finish *that thing*!! You really do not want that!! So, do whatever you really want to unless it comes to hurting people. Regret is one of the worse things in life.


So, this is the most tricky part. The more money we have, the more we covet. So, unless you are really below the poverty line and earning your wages on a daily basis and living a hand to mouth existence which obviously you are not, since you are lucky enough to surf the internet and read, there is really no need to stress about money. 
In fact, there is something in what Rhoda Byrnes says. The law of attraction. What we think becomes the reality of our lives! So, yes, if you think you are poor, you will get more poor but if you think you are comfortable enough, you would attract more money :) Positivity is extremely important. 
So, these are somethings for which being concerned or sad is actually very useless in life. Instead, direct that energy to being more positive and do something good instead. And, do not forget What You Think Will Happen So Always Think Good and Well. 

So, what do you think are the other useless things in life to worry about? 

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  1. sam says

    lovely compilation. there are many other things as well that are not worth stressing, such as getting jealous with ur friend’s success and losing mental peace

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