Loving It / Using It Vol. 11 – Omved Purifying Shampoo Brahmi & Peppermint for all hair types

Omved Purifying Shampoo Brahmi & Peppermint for all hair types product review for hair care

Sometime in between flipkart had discontinued selling my favourite Organic Surge shampoo and I was looking around to see if I could get used to something else!! And, then, Omved people sent out their product to check out.

I was excited to try it out because of the fact that they are a completely organic brand and I have loved their body oil which I had reviewed earlier. And, I have overshot the reviewing time (again!) but I have used the product so thoroughly and almost to the last drop!! Now, I am not really sure if I love the product because I have had variable results with it, honestly!

Loving It / Using It : Using It

    Omved Purifying Shampoo Brahmi & Peppermint for all hair types product review for hair care
    Shampoo – Ingredient List

    • Price – Really expensive!! A bottle would last 2-3 months depending on your hair length.

    • Smells bad. Actually, I do not like it at all. It is supposed to smell of rosemary and  but it smells really weird. 
    • Packaging – I like that the shampoo comes in a aluminium sort of bottle with a pump but unfortunately for me, the pump really didn’t work so I had to unscrew the top and use it. It was inconvenient. The conditioner comes in a glass bottle with a pump which worked perfectly and does not give up a large amount of product. I like to think it is travel-friendly but I have not really travelled with it. 
    • Has to be followed with a conditioner.  

    Omved Purifying Shampoo Brahmi & Peppermint for all hair types product review for hair care
    Conditioner – Ingredient List


      Only one dollop of shampoo is really necessary for a shoulder length hair. And, I have noticed that it works best to dilute the product with water. It lathers a lot for a SLS free product and it works really well to remove the oil in the hair. 

      But, if you do not dilute it with water, the shampoo dries out  the hair and makes it straw-like and frizzy and over time, the hair quality deteriorates. And, it is extremely important to follow up with the conditioner otherwise the hair is generally dry!

      I use almost 10 pumps of the conditioner but so much of quantity is not really necessary. But, it softens the hair pretty much because the shampoo leaves it a lot dry and gives a bit of shine to the hair. And, one bottle will last about 20 washes for a mid-waist length hair. Even after using the conditioner, one has to use leave-in.

      My Verdict

      It does make the dry hair more drier so I would not say it is suited for all hair types. Oily hairs would find it better than the dry haired gals. And, don’t forget your hair conditioner and the leave-in.

      Have you used the product? How did you like it? Do share your experience with any other product you might have used from Omved!

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          hey Sangeetha. hehe thanks for reminding me that i forgot to mention the price. its almost 400+ for shampoo and guess the same for conditioner. i shall update on the correct prices as soon as i get them. i am out of station so cant do it immediately.

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