Just Gossip Vol. 38 – Turning 1!!

first wedding anniversary

Haha…do not get confused. I am not talking about the blog or me. I am talking about my wedding to P. We turned 1 a few days back. And, when I really think back, its weird. The time just flew by. In fact, everyone who called up said the same thing. 
  • Finally, I got to taste some good red wine!!
  • You tend to reminisce a lot about how it was when you were single! 
  • Marriage is way different than the regular relationships. 
  • It is an opportunity to explore yourself if you have an encouraging partner. 
  • Having a supportive partner can help you achieve your dreams. 
  • Sometimes, love is the last thing you need. 
  • Those of you who have read Men are from Mars and  Women are from Venus book would find themselves referring to each and every word of the book and you probably would have committed the book word by word to memory. 
  • You might be two separate individuals for yourselves but you are one entity for outsiders, including parents. Never let anyone come in between. 
  • This is your family. You are responsible for setting the tone in your relationship. 
  • For females, do not overrule him or submit to his better judgement. Have a personality of your own and show it. 
  • For males, marriage does not mean continuing the patriarchy or subjugation to wife, it is all about living in harmony allowing the accommodation of both the personalities. 
  • And, whosoever said marriage is about compromise, I would like to say that I have always firmly believed that if you compromise, you can never be truly happy. A happy marriage is all about acceptance which takes time and does not happen overnight. 

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