Babies, Diaper Rashes, their Skin? {Baby Skin Care}

So, there is this one thing I noticed the other day and thought I would share with you guys. It is about babies and their skin and using diapers. 

Well, I know diapers have made life pretty easy for the new-age parents! But, how responsibly are we using them? Hubby’s friend recently delivered a baby and what a cute chubby baby she is :) But, the cuteness gets marred when you see rashes on her thighs and the hard skin developed on her cheeks. 
Well, obviously, the cheek rash is not a result of diaper. So, that is a different story. 
Now, as I was discussing with my mum, we with our not-so-delicate skins find it so inconvenient to live with the pads during those 5 days. Then, how can we even expect those small little chums, with oh-so-delicate skins, bear the heavy and extremely uncomfortable diaper all the time. And, the baby I am talking about suffers from the same issue with all the red marks on her thighs.  

So, is the age-old remedy of using cloth instead of nappies a better idea? 

According to my mom, it takes almost a month for the babies to get stabilized and create a routine for themselves. So, if for one month, the parents struggle with keeping the cloth diapers unless they are going out, it would be extremely comfortable for the baby and will also help their skin. 

Using Oil to make the skin slippery

Well, any skin-friendly oil makes the skin a bit slippery and reduce the friction caused by the diapers so using them prior to putting the diaper on can reduce the amount of rashes on the skin. Why not check out the new-age oils for your babies? Like apricot or jojoba or argan oil!! And, then, the medicated diaper rash creams be followed.   

Are we supposed to keep on washing all day long?

Well, that was the first thing I asked my mum when thinking about the cloth nappies. The simple answer was that run the nappy with water and dry outside, either in sun or not, and collect in similar way all the nappies and wash in dettol on the next day. 

Can the diaper pads and menstrual pads be compared? 

Honestly, to that, my answer would be a NO. I have never really seen them or held them up close. So, I have no idea how soft or how harsh they can be. But, then, the babies skin is way to sensitive than ours.

And, what about the other skin rashes?

Okay, so, that is a different story. There can be many many reasons for skin rashes like excess heat in the body, mosquitoes and pollutions, sun exposure, reaction to skin products, what not. So, that is something for which you have to do a case by case analysis. The general case is difficulty in adapting to the change in environment. So, their skin tends to get hard because of the excess change in temperatures. Will discuss about this with mum and others and get back to you :)

So, what do you think? Should we use diapers for the babies from day one? Or, wait for a few months or special occasions to resort to the ease?  

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