5 reasons for Anal or Rectal Burning or Itching and How to Treat It! {Five Series}

Healthy Diet eases every Health Problem!

Hey All!! I know I disappeared again! Even I am tired with my habits but I shall surely elaborate on those reasons in some other post. For now, I came across this extremely important topic which I wanted to discuss. So, anything which has to do with the genitalia is a generally embarrassing topic to discuss and many times it is overlooked health aspect.

Sometimes when you are passing out stool, you might feel burning sensation or sometimes when you have a change in diet or hydration levels, the skin there might be prone to itching. Whenever you face such situations, it is generally the symptom for anal or rectal burning and inflammation. Let me discuss a few of the causes for this problem. 

Too Spicy Diet

This is one of the most important causes for any kind of change in your body. When you start eating too spicy foods or too much of peppers or hot sauces, the chemicals in them can irritate the skin near the rectum and cause it to inflame. Also, a lot of caffeine and sugary foods can also lead to this condition. So, this is the first thing you need to cross out of your check-list. 

Skin Diseases

Do you suffer from psoriasis or seborrhoea or dermatitis? If yes, you can also get those chronic dry skin conditions at the rectum area. Also, less hydration in skin or dry skin can also lead to irritation at the rectal area so drink a lot of water and keep the area hydrated by using hot or cold compress. That helps soothe the irritation there!!

Other Internal Body Problems

Presence of pin worms or diarrhoea or constipation or any other issue in the small intestine or anal or rectal disorders like piles can lead to anal irritation. Also, if the tissues are torn at those areas or abnormal skin growth at that area or using antibiotics can also lead to inflammation. 

Medical Problems

Well, another reason may be you are suffering from diabetes, anemia, inflammatory bowel disease, jaundice, leukamia, lymphoma, thyroid disease so check out if you have any of the above conditions.

Lack of Hygiene

Not washing the area properly or using too drying soaps and liquids can also irritate the area. A gentle cleanser or plain water should be used on the genitals and the basic clothes must be washed and changed on a regular basis. Also, excessive aggressive cleaning after bowel movements should be avoided. When using jets or bidets, make sure that the pressure of water is gentle enough and not too strong to hurt the skin. 

Solution – Banana

Banana is rich in potassium. Potassium is an astringent which shrinks or tightens the body tissue (Source). And, during the rectal inflammation, the tissues of the rectum also become inflamed. 

So, do you think any of the above may lead to your problems? Are you or have you ever suffered from this problem? And, how did you treat it? 

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