My Hair Diary – September 2014

Huh…I miss doing these series the most and guess what, there are only 12 of these posts in a year! And, this is the 10th month of the year and next month would be my first wedding anniversary. Gosh, how time flies! Soon, I will be the old bride :(
Anyways, this year has been really tough on my hair. If you actually notice there are only four hair diaries this year – January, February, June and now this one! So, let me just list down what I did which is not really much!
  • Hair Cut – Totally cut off the entire length to get rid of the splits and straw-like ends. Mr. Hubs was a little peeved with it, though! But, I think the new length suits me differently. Will post the snaps soon enough :) 
  • Oiling Have been more or less diligent about it. And, mixing castor oil in the regular oil as well. 
  • Massaging – Recently, I have been feeling a lot of pain in my hair roots. So, a light massage really helps calm down the scalp. And, regular massage helps the hair to grow. 
So, that is it! Not really much but it is a start :) Now check out the products I used:
  • Shampoo – Omved Shampoo (review coming soon)
  • Conditioner – Omved Conditioner (but only 2-3 times, review coming soon)
  • Leave-in – Morrocan Hair Treatment (review coming soon)

What all did you do for your hair this month?


  1. Madhu says

    Waiting eagerly for the Omved Reviews. Have been facing the same issue as you, pain in the roots. Will try massaging my scalp and see if it helps.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi swati this is Ana..a silent reader of your blog :) swati i followed ur advice n tried for an amla infused oil using double boiler method but unfortntly i failed :( actly i filled up a small bowl with coconut oil half of it and then i kept it over boiling water on oven..i waited for long to boil the oil bt no sign of boiling!! Then i got fed up n put directly in a hot pan n made the amla oil :( plzz tell me does it happens to u too ? I knw i did d mistk bt dun wanna do the same direct boilin method. Plz help

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