Just Gossip Vol. 37 – Some movie mentions!!

This long vacation has been pretty much a movie binging time. I have lost track of all the sitcoms I used to check out which were due to begin in October. Anyways, I shall do that once I get rid of hubby darling!! Gosh, having them home at all times is so time-consuming, dontchya think? ๐Ÿ˜€

Finding Fanny

I could actually want the movie to be lost. Unless I am being too dumb or sarcastic, I am not one of the intelligent crowd for which the movie was made!! But, Dimple Kapadia stands out and the famous Pankaj Kapur painting of her was a hilarious and poignant sequence in the movie which deserves a mention.


Just now, I am watching it in the television. It has barely been a month since it has released and its already on the small screen.
Anyways, it has received many bad reviews but I really liked the movie. It is a cute small love story unless we sit and analyze the goods and bads.

Arjun Roy Kapoor stands out again, even better than Parineeti, and that was the USP of the film for me. And, loved the Meri Mannat tu song. I missed Khoobsurat.


Ummm…I am really not sure what to say about the movie. It was amazing. As usual Tabu, Kay Kay and Irfan Khan killed it!! Shahid was also good and loved how subtly the oedipus complex was depicted. But, I am still not sure of my own opinion about the movie. Though, the landscape and depiction of Kashmir is beyond words. 

Happy New Year

A medley of all the movies! Deepika looks hot in the Lovely song but no other words for it!!

Telugu Movies 

Well, do not take my words for telugu movies because I do not connect with them and unless they are reallyy good.

Oka Laila Kosam

I do not know why Naga Chaitanya even clicks. He is so unlike his father in terms of charm and looks but still whatever the case be, I was unimpressed with the movie. The heroine was made to look like Shruti Hassan which was sad.


It is a thriller and I would say a decent one at that!! Not a big star cast or a long film, it could have been more crisper with better editing. 
And, now, I am facing the adrenalin rush!! Yeah, actually, I took out our car for the first time and I almost banged it up badly TWICE!! And, ended up parking it almost into the pillar. Have called up my hubby’s cousin (does that make him my cousin?) to rectify the mistake before anyone comes to know of it ๐Ÿ˜€ 

How was your first car driving experience ALONE?

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  1. says

    Hey Swati,

    I like your blog simple yet informative. I see (in your post) you’re enjoying blogging.

    If you allow I’d like to write guest post for your blog. :)

  2. anusha says

    Hi Swati ..sorry for being off topic but I remember your MVO organics package got stuck in customs .Can you please tell you how you gt hold of it? Was it trackable ? I was supposed to get 4 to 5 packages this month but don’t know what’s wrong

    • says

      hey Anusha. they do provide the shipping number. you have to track it on the us postal site.
      on the site, it will show you where exactly is your package. wait for 10 days to let it clear from the indian custom on its own and if it does not, try to track down the indian foreign postal office. i used to have the number at that time but not now! call and ask them quoting your package number and they should generally be able to give you reliable information. and, they might charge custom fee of about 1000 bucks if your order is more than 200$.

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