5 ways to keep the surroundings clean {Five Series}

So, I am a certified obsessive cleaner. Hubs has been saying that since a year for now but I always used to take it for granted but yesterday I was reading this article on cleanliness which made me finally accept the accusations hurled against me!!

Anyways, leaving jokes apart, yes, the disorder and chaos and things thrown here and there do bother me! And, P specializes in it!! I think all guys are like that. They will do the things you specially forbid them to!
But, that is not what is on my mind. A few days back we went to a really good restaurant (where the crowd is generally the high end or well educated class) which is accessible by lift. Unfortunately, while coming back at 11 PM in the night, we find that the lift was littered with discarded mouth freshener packets. I had actually clicked the pics as well but they are in P’s mobile and forgot to transfer them!! 

On one hand we are talking about Swacch Bharat Andolan or Clean India Movement and on the other hand we have the same kind of people doing the littering. Yes, it concerns me because if we do not share our responsibility, how do we think we will achieve an objective which is so huge. 
Similarly, on Diwali, I noticed that all the burnt crackers and their packaging were lying around for the maids, sweepers and others to clean. We could at least make a heap of them in a corner for someone to pick up. That would make the things easy for someone else!
keep the touristy places clean

Use Dustbins

The irony of India is that you would find the litter at those places where there is No Littering, cars parked at No Parking and people peeing at No Pee zones! Encourage your children to not throw things around even in the house. Once they learn to keep their own bed and room clean, they follow the same principles everywhere. 

Enjoy your travel!

We take regular road trips or train trips or bus trips or even in the flights and we have so many wrappers because we Indians love to eat. And, all these wrappers end up being thrown out of the bus windows or in the car back pockets.
Worse still, some people end up spilling more than eating and these days we have vacuum pressured air-conditioned buses which start stinking because of these spills. It is inconvenient and un-enjoyable in the longer run. 
Carry an extra disposable bag in which you can store all the things to be thrown or anything which gets spilled. And, try to teach kids not to throw around the food. 

Ask the vendors to carry dustbins

We went to a small hill station nearby for this vacation and we found that there were no dustbins near the food stalls. Everyone was forced to throw the coffee and tea cups on the road. When asked, the vendors said the locals do not use the dustbins, only tourists ask for it.
Even after this bit of awareness, they did not realize the need for dustbins. And, how do we really make them aware of the need? Well, that is a difficult question to answer for me. 
potted plants in the apartment keep the house and ambience clean

Help out the maids and sweepers

Just because we are paying them to clean does not give us the right to throw things around so that they will be cleared off the next morning. In fact, one good thing about my apartment is that we are not allowed to keep the garbage outside the house after 9 AM because the house keeping staff clears it at that time. 
Apparently there is a fine if we are late but the whole point of this is to enforce the habit of keeping the apartment corridors clean, right?

Start composting

Well, this is one of the simplest and best ideas I can give for all to recycle the biodegradable waste which we produce in our house which is the majority of our garbage, anyways! A community compost area is a good idea but we can always keep a separate one at our houses in small earthen pots.

Extra Tip 

All those pet owners, please train your pets to not use the roads or anywhere else as their toilets!! 

I am so thankful that all things are coming together at the right time. Even Indian Top Blogs has started a campaign to promote the awareness of Clean India Initiative. And, I a glad to be a part of the pledge to help my bit to keep my surrounding, my house and my apartment clean.

So, what do you think about cleanliness? Are you a part of the Clean India Initiative? What ideas do you think can be implemented towards keeping or streets clean? 

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  1. says

    I recently saw this TED talk by The Ugly Indian where the presenter makes the perfect point that everyone tries to pass the buck onto others, but when we take the initiative to clean up, even though we may not be the ones making the mess, then things can really change for the better!
    Great post,Swati!

  2. says


    Its an very nice share..
    I think these ideas must be follow by every individual.
    And after raeding this I must say that taking steps to save our environment is easier than you
    If every one of us will do his part to help the environment, we can easily
    keep the dream of fully clean environment alive.
    Energy saving is undisputedly the first step towards cleaning our environment, apart from this maintaining cleanliness is also a good option.
    You can do your share of cleaning by keeping your houses clean but in case of offices you need a big team to get this job done.
    Office cleaning is very important to attain a healthy environment;
    Keep doing good work..
    Thanks a ton for the share.
    God bless U!!Hope this will really inspired people.

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