Loving / Using It Vol. 5 – Vaadi Herbals Nails and Cuticle Oil

Vaadi Herbals Nails and Cuticle Oil

Hey Guys!! I know I have been absconding for too long now. In fact, it has been almost one year since I have been more or less ignoring the blog :( But, last three months have been a roller coaster ride with way too many changes in my routine! Will share all the details slowly with you.

And, in all of that mess, I totally ignored my responsibilities. This review has been so long pending that I am sure the brand people would have given up on me. But, I have been using this product since last two months. It is so portable, for one. So, lets check out why I like it.

Loving / Using It : Loving It

Vaadi Herbals Nails and Cuticle Oil
  • Price. Rs 55 for 10ml. Extremely affordable. 
  • Travel-friendly. You can carry it in your travel bag or purse wherever you go and apply it whenever you want!! It does not even leak. 
  • Easy to Use. Its roller tip makes it extremely easy to use and ensures a topical application.   
  • Not Oily. It gets absorbed easily and does not leave any greasiness behind.
  • Smells fresh. Leaves behind a very refreshing lemongrass aroma.
  • Moisturizes really well. This product made my cuticles and nails so soft as opposed to any body cream I have used regularly. It also prevents the skin near the nails from peeling off. 
  • Multi-purpose. The best part of this product is that you can use it for anything –  a hand cream or as a lip balm or even as an emergency moisturizer.
  • Ingredient List not specified. The one thing which I did not appreciate is that there is no list of ingredients written on the packaging. It only provides the active ingredient list.

Overall Verdict
I wish the brand had provided the entire ingredient list so as to make sure whether the product is completely herbal or not. But, the product is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 

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