Tea Tree Oil for Pests and Mosquitoes {DIY}

Hey Everyone! This is one of the best Mondays for me which I am absolutely enjoying!! Why? Well, I shall reveal that soon enough. Till then, let me talk about a little trick which I used when there was a barrage of mosquitoes at my home.

To get rid of mosquitoes and flies and bugs in the house, use tea tree oil. You can either take a few drops and apply it on the exposed sections of your body (I did this) or you could take a spray bottle and mix a few drops of tea tree in water and spray it on the windows and doors to keep away the pests. May be a repeated procedure would be necessary for a airy place so spray it once an hour or so.

Or, light a diffuser with tea tree or lemongrass in the house. And, use tea tree while mopping the house as well!!! I use tea tree sometimes and sometimes its just ylang ylang or rosemary. But, whichever EO I use, the house smells amazing for quite sometime!

Have you used tea tree oil as a bug and insect repellant? 
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  1. Coral crue says

    I absolutely must try the tip you have mentioned regarding using essential oils while mopping the house. What a great idea and way to keep the house smelling fresh. Definitely doing this. I have some left over oils with me that I don’t think I can use on myself as they may have expired. this is the best thing. Excited to try. Also, faced with an army of ants in the kitchen. Will try to get rid of them with the tea tree oil spray. thank you :)

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