SLS-free shampoos vs Regular Shampoos {Five Series}

Ok, it has been like 2 years now that I have shifted to the non-commercial shampoos. It is not like I have completely chucked out the over-the-counter products which makes it even more easy for me to analyze and appreciate the difference between both types of products.

Yes, it takes time for one to adjust to the SLS-free shampoos because the feel of the hair is way different after using either of them. So, let me enlist the differences and see if you can agree with them!!
Feel of Hair
This was one of the major difference which I felt. When you use SLS-free shampoo, hair feels rough when you are washing it. Later on, it might not look as if you have get rid of oil entirely coz the hair feels a lot bunched up just like it does when you apply oil!! 

This happens because of the silicone content in the regular shampoos. The silicon coats the hair and makes it feel smooth. Due to the absence of this ingredient in SLS-free shampoos, the hair does not feel as smooth. 
Lathering Issues
It is a myth that SLS-free shampoo do not lather well. It really depends on the composition of the shampoo but of all the SLS-free shampoos I have used, organic surge, Madara, Omved, all of them have lathered generously enough.
Not all SLS-free shampoos are same
Well, just like the regular shampoos, these shampoo category also suffers from the same issues. The one thing which is important is that not all SLS-free shampoos have the same cleansing power. Some cleanse well and are good at removing oil but some might be just good on non-oiled hair and some might be too harsh for the hair as well because of their compositions. 
SLS-free does not mean chemical free
This is the most important point I would like to make. There are brands which do not use SLS but they use ALS which is more or less harsh on hair or they can use parabens or any other chemical but not SLS. So, do remember to buy organic shampoos instead of just going for SLS-free ones.
Yup, they are comparatively expensive because of the demand and supply difference!!
What do you say? Have you used SLS-free shampoos? Do you find them different from the regular ones?
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