Loving It / Using It Vol. 7 – Madara Colour and Shine Shampoo for Colored / Treated Hair

Madara Colour and Shine Shampoo for Colored / Treated Hair product review

I had been looking around for quite sometime for a SLS-free shampoo other than organic surge when I came across this brand on flipkart. I have been using the product on and off since then and its almost on the verge of finishing so I thought I might as well share my thoughts on this with you.

Loving It / Using It : Using It

Madara Colour and Shine Shampoo for Colored / Treated Hair product review
  • Price. Rs 900 for 200ml. Definitely expensive!
  • Availability. Not available in stores. Guess flipkart is the only website which carries the brand for now!
  • Smells of Rosemary. Love it.
  • Packaging is not really great. Sort of a seesaw opening and then you have to press the product out. 
  • Usage. One dollop of shampoo is enough for two uses. Lathers pretty well. 
  • Removes oil completely. Does not require lot of water to wash off. 
  • Adds shine to the hair. 
  • Makes hair soft and rough at the same time. I do not know how to explain this. When I am washing my hair, I can feel it is rough. And, even when hair is drying, I do not find it soft. But, as the day progresses, my hair becomes soft. In fact, this is one phenomena I have noticed with the recent shampoo I am gonna review soon. I guess it is a SLS-free shampoo trend!
  • Makes my hair frizzy. Unfortunately, I think lack of care for my hair and the dryness due to this product both dry out my hair and frizzes it. 
Overall Verdict
I would say this product is not really worth the money I ended up paying for it. And, my search for another SLS-free shampoo carries on. Sometime back, I noticed that flipkart was out of Organic Surge shampoos which made me start hunting for other options. I checked again and the OS is back and available! So, get your stock before they run out of it.  
Have you used the product? Or, are you searching for any SLS-free shampoo?
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