Loving It / Using It Vol. 9 – Le Beurre Shea Butter Body Cream Vanilla

Le Beurre Shea Butter Body Cream Vanilla product review
Since I have come to know about shea butter, I have always wanted to get the raw material and make body creams with it. But, since that never really happened, I was happy to experience this product and see if shea butter really does what all its touted to do!
And, honestly, I am loving shea butter. So, check out what I think about the product.
Le Beurre Shea Butter Body Cream Vanilla product review

  • Price: 22$ for 8oz. Expensive!
  • Smells subtly of vanilla but nothing overwhelming. 
  • Packaging. Comes in a wide-mouthed plastic container with a lid. The product has to be scooped from the container. The irritating part is that the product gets under the nails!
  • Moisturises well. It really takes care of the dry skin. In fact, the cream is also in part responsible in healing my cracked heels. It is perfect for heel care.   
  • Ingredient list not mentioned. 
  • Does not travel well. The cream can melt in tropical temperatures and leak! 
  • A small quantity is enough. And, it is definitely a winter or dry season product
  • Absorbs immediately into the skin
Loving It / Using It : Loving It
Overall Verdict
Definitely recommended!
Have you used the product? Would you like to try out the products after reading the review?
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