Just Gossip Vol. 34 – Things I have realized lately!

So, finally, after this long, I have a quiet time for myself. Don’t get me wrong. It is not like I am surrounded by people all time demanding my attention. In fact, I am a blogger for life now and I have all time for myself apart from what time hubs is at home which is comparatively less. 
But, still, there is hardly the quiet of the dead night or a still morning when you are in front of the laptop trying hard to churn out post after post just for the sake of it. It is the tranquil I seek when I am at peace with myself which is only before it hits 7:00 AM in the morning, when all the clamour of the world starts.

So, lets check out what I realized. 

  • All good ideas come in the most improbable or inconvenient times.
  • I have no idea how to lead a quiet and disciplined life. I try so hard but it is so damn difficult to stop mind from raving on when I am going to sleep. 
  • Doing random questionnaires is good for relationships. You get to know a lot about each other.
  • Writing full time is a way difficult job. 
  • But, it is important to love what you do. 
  • And, this is what is keeping me from sleeping at nights. 
  • So, keep chasing the dreams with open eyes and more efforts. 
  • And, have pride in your work. 
  • Unless you have the complete pride in it, no one else will have it. 
  • Stop listening to people who are right in their opinion but so wrong in yours and most often, they turn out to be your relatives. 
  • List down the priorities. And, work according to them. 
  • Never be churlish in spending for what you do. Get a white board and make mind maps. They really help!
  • Keep a track of investments and expenses. Plan the budgets. 
  • Working AT home does not mean you are doing nothing or you should cook on time. You can skip meals for work at home and eat out!!
  • But, do not take health for a ride. 
  • Oh yes, stop creating backlogs. Try to finish tomorrow’s work today, not the other way round.  
  • And, focus on one thing at a time. If you need to check mails, wait till you finish the current work or check mails and then come back to this but do not juggle. And, yup, shut down that mobile for a while. 
Btw, I wanted to tell you all that I have left my job for blogging. Well, why is a totally different thing. I was never satisfied there and then I was sure I did not want to do it. And, ultimately, I took the hard decision. Yes, it was scary at first but now I am sure it was the correct one!! And, the hard part is convincing the gharwalas (family members) of this :)
So, what things have you realized lately?
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  1. says

    OMG! You’re so brave to do so! I’ve been feeling really strongly about leaving my current job, as I’ve come to really dislike it. But until I have something else lined up, I don’t want to leave. However it’s really hard to get up in the mornings for a job that I feel absolutely no passion for…totally sucks!

    • says

      hey Poohkie…good to see you after so long :)

      aaah…trust me that is the most hideous thing and worse still we lose interest in everything. i had to take the decision and fate was in my favor but it is definitely scary as well!!! anything for which we have no passion is damn difficult to do :(

  2. Coral crue says

    I wish I could leave my regular job to blog. I love to write but have not yet figured out how to monetize the blog ever since google adsense rejected it. have added infolinks but it’s so slow at paying. Am glad you get to have peace of mind atleast in the morning waking hours and totally understand about the nosy relatives. grrrrr

    • says

      hey Coral…yup adsense rejection does have an impact but honestly i think around the web it really does not amount to much of income generation for probloggers. its more of their products or something which generates them max income like ebooks and coachings and other things. not that it really works in the beauty dept though. me too having the same trouble to figure out what to do.

      haha….i really wish there was peace of mind. every job has its own pros and cons. suffering from no routine :(

    • Coral crue says

      Same here, Swati. hoping to receive some divine deliverance from these issues. I guess just have to work towards a goal and hopefully, like they say, things falls in place :)

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