How often do you skip on your skin and hair care routines? {Your Opinion}

Hey Everyone!! I know I have been doing a lot of on and off and I am pretty sure many of you must have really given up on me. Now that I have got the two posts which have been long pending from my way, I can talk a bit of here and there!! 

So, last three months have been a whirlwind of changes and the entire August went in pujas and saree tying exercises. I did more of saree tying than the puja 😀 Gosh, it is so difficult to be a newly wed.

Anyways, tomorrow will be an entire year since I have stopped answering to comments. So, that is one of the first things on my to-do list and I am really sorry for ignoring you all for this long. Honestly, coming back to blogging after such a long break is very very difficult. So, let me just say give me some time to settle down.

And, let me talk about how I love to skip my daily routine of skin and hair care. Unless I have some product to review, I have to literally force myself to apply even a face moisturizer. 

Do you love to skip on your skin and hair routines like me or are you really diligent about your personal grooming?
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    To be honest, I employ most of my time writing about skin care and how to look your best that sometimes I’m so tired when the night comes that I can hardly put any product on my face. Actually, sometimes is good to give a break to the skin and let it breathe as long as you have a good skin care routine most days.

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