Feminism or Gender Equality {Women Stuff}

Ok, so, how do you really define or understand feminism. When I googled for the dictionary definition, I got “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”.

Before I really get into terms and meanings, the logical question which comes to my mind is why do we need to advocate women’s rights and not men’s? Why is it so obvious that men will have all the freedom in the world right from ridiculing women to being granted the freedom if they do not fulfil their familial responsibilities up to the mark when compared with a female.

Granted that nature has defined a standard role for women and yes, as much as we want to say, nothing a man can do can replace the necessity of a woman. She is the soul of the house and family. And, this cause itself should be the ultimate liberating factor for a woman.

I really do not understand feminism that well but what I have seen in my own circle is, well, boys do not have the right to express their feelings. If a female cries, even males come and listen. If a male cries, not one female is gonna give a shit! So, why do we not talk about giving rights and freedom to both the sexes.

When a girl is raped, it becomes the talk of town. Does anyone even remember that even men or at least boy child are also abused in an equal measure. In such a case, it becomes a case of child abuse instead of a male human harassment case. Why is that only females have the right to speak if they are not happy in marriage and why not the males who are oppressed by dominant females who control their every action.

If the girl is not able to bond with her in-laws, she is accused or insulted and if by chance the boy takes her side, irrespective of where the blame lies, he is immediately termed as a joru-ka-ghulam (wife’s servant) and all further relations are cut off. Why does the boy not have the freedom to speak openly in such a matter, taking in the case of girl being right. 

And, by chance, if a girl demands divorce from a perfectly innocent boy’s family because of the issues created by her, why does the boy’s family have to go through the stigma of divorce and looted by the girl’s family in the name of alimony. Why is a female given so much of a leeway?
Is it not the responsibility of both the genders to respect each other and in case of any disagreements, part ways amicably and without any future damages? 
How do you define feminism? Or, do you advocate gender equality?
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