Do you think ice bucket challenge is cool and fun? {Environment}

Well, this has taken entire media by storm. Right from celebrities to family, everyone is doing the fad. Why are they doing it is something I would love to question. Does anyone really know for what was ice bucket challenge started for in the first place? 
The answer for me would be a huge NO. Honestly, I have no idea what ALS is all about and I am too lazy to google about it. In fact, I would like to ask a question – has anyone really made the effort to google and read what sort of a disease is ALS? I am sure such a population would be minimal. 
Anyways, may be I am over-reacting but just like Matt Damon, I have a tad bit of concern about the wastage of a full or half a bucket of water and ice, especially when there is such a shortage of water. Ok, I do not really mean pouring toilet water is a better solution.

But, then, I was using water in the kitchen today and that is clean water which is at max a little dirty because of cleaning veggies and rice and pulses (at least in veg kitchen) so may be one could collect that over a period of time and reuse it unless you have a garden, terrace or otherwise!! Just a thought.
So, what do you say? Is it a mindless waste of water or is it really doing something for the cause?


  1. anusha says

    Hi Swati are you. I am sorry for my absense but I always read your post in my mailbox. even I am clueless and too lazy to Google it fact was Lil irritated ..

  2. says

    Yes. I did Google this ALS disease and the ice bucket challenge and it’s source remains obscure. Like you, I detest it when people waste water. I myself am finicky about it as well. Even in India, in the slums, people have to que up to get clean drinking water and to waste water which has been purified makes me squirm.

    But since people have been donating to the foundation, I think it’s alright. But I am curious, is every one donating? Or are they just jumping in with the hype without knowing why because I never see an introduction for the awareness of the disease or anything.

    In short, there might be a few helps to the disease, but I am doubtful because, I am not sure if they reach out to the people of the entire world.

  3. Madhu says

    I did google ALS disease and the challenge. I think there could have been some other way of raising this awareness and getting people to donate rather than wasting so much of precious water.I do have my doubts about how much did people really donate as well as the reach. But wasting water no ways. Water is very precious.

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