Do you suffer from perpetual hunger or nausea? {Health}

Sometimes, our healths go haywire and we have no idea!! And, then, we have certain symptoms going on in the body which we hardly understand. When I was suffering from some of such symptoms, I asked my mom for help and understood a little bit about understanding my body needs. So, let me share my experiences. 

Perpetual Hunger
This is one of the major problems I found when there was a change in my diet. I am used to eating more of grains and veggies and less of carbs but in between I used to have more of carbs and less of everything else so I was always left with a feeling of hunger even though I would have a stomach full of food. 
If you feel hungry even after having a proper meal, remember to change a little of your diet and inclue more of proteins than usual. Proteins make you feel full and helps in controlling cravings. Also, perpetual hunger might be a symptom of diabetes so make sure you get your tests done.

Feeling of nausea 
This one is a symptom for high blood pressure, as told by my mom. She also suffers from the same issue. And, you might also be really hungry because of which you might be feeling nausea-tic. Also, nausea is a symptom for migraines and, of course, pregnancy.
Going to bathroom continuously
This is one thing which again I found is quite annoying when there is a diet change. Remember that this might also be due to excess of fluids and also, it might be a symptom of, again, diabetes
Joint Pains or Body Pains
This can be due to extreme weakness or lack of Vitamin D or even due to improper nutrition. So, you might really want to look into what is bothering your body. 
So, these are few of the symptoms I can remember on the tip of my fingers. Do take care of your health and learn to listen to your body. And, do not forget to go to a doc!
Have you ever faced such symptoms? 
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