5 Veggies that help with Acne {Five Series}

So, I was checking through my drafts and I came across this post which I had written long back and just left it as it is. So, let me recount some of the rarely heard home remedies which have great affect on the bacteria which result in acne.
It is rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C, both of which help in getting a glowing and radiant skin and they also fight hyper-pigmentation. Grate a piece of cabbage and extract its juice. Apply it topically, let it dry and wash off. And, it also helps flushing out the toxins when taken internally.
Radish is rich in ascorbic acid, which is one form of Vitamin C, and potassium,  whose deficiency can cause acne and Vitamin A and K. It helps fight the inflammation in the skin.

Rich in Vitamin C. And, 
Onions contain phytochemical compounds such as phenolics and flavonoids that basic research shows to have potential anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anticancer and antioxidant properties [Source].

Rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K and potassium. And, helps soothe the skin. It is an astringent which helps open the skin pores and clean them.
Rich in Vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin E which helps heal the scars on the skin. It helps clearing the skin from the inside and flushes out the toxins and also helps lower cholesterol. 
Which other veggies would you add to the list?
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  1. Madhu says


    I am having raw honey with me ..is it good for removing pimples marks
    or shall i use potato juice/tomato juice on alternate days….really confused

    • says

      hi Madhu, for acne scars and marks, I would suggest alternating all the three daily – use honey one day, potato next and tomato slice on the third! hope this helps :)

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