5 Steps to Oily Skin Care {Five Series}

I have never really suffered with the pros and cons of the oily skin but mostly in summers I have terrible T-zone problem and blackheads and even in humid weather, there is a terrible issue of constant sweating so I thought I might compile some of the steps to take care of oily skin.

Salt Water Tip for Oily Skins
Wash your face with warm salt water. It helps to control the oil and does not aggravate acne either.
Face Wash
I always check out for a face wash which is SLS free and for a thorough cleansing, occasional use of face wash with salicylic acid like Garnier pore unclogging. I seriously love that product but only when I have oily skin, mind you!!! So, yes, a good face wash is very very important.

Absolute must when you are suffering from a lot oil! For a recommendation and for those who can afford, I would suggest Clinique Clarifying Lotion which is a alcohol based toner but gave amazing results on my skin. And, for all others and those who love doing DIY’s, check this recipe out and you might just find it interesting.
Well, this is one of the tricky parts of oily skin. For my combination skin, aloevera gel works well. But, for my friend, I had recommended this product which I found on Paris’s blog and the product looks interesting.
Tea Tree Oil
Did you know that there is only lavender oil and tea tree oil which can be applied neat on skin? They do not have to be diluted with any carrier oil so if you suffer from acne or even if its just oily skin, this might be just the best moisturizer. Ok, also, this will protect you from the mosquitoes and bugs 😀
So, these are few steps I use to take care of my combination skin in summers or humid weather. Check them out and see if they might be of some help to you as well. 
Do you have any more ideas for taking care of oily or acne prone skin?
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