5 Beauty mistakes you might be making too {Five Series}

Whenever my hand used to slide to pick the skin on my chin, I used to get a smack from my mom! And, it has now so ingrained in my subconscious that whenever I pick my skin, I expect my mom to smack my hand ๐Ÿ˜€ Obviously because she used to complain it was ruining my skin. In fact, I have done far worse to my skin and hair. Check out my beauty mistakes so that you can stop making them, if you are!

Picking my Hair
This was way back 10 years ago. I used to have a horrible hair and loads of split ends and I used to think if I peel off one of the ends, my hair will be alright again! Well, then, I did not have the extensive hair care knowledge I have today ๐Ÿ˜
But, it is one of the worst ways you can damage your hair. Remedy is to trim the hair as soon as you spot one split in your hair. Splits tend to travel up the hair length and cause hair thinning.
Picking the Skin
I have a bit of facial hair and I did get threading done for it but believe me when I say, it was so damn painful, especially on the side burns. I started the threading just a few months before my wedding and stopped after a few months.
The remedy is to get rid of the facial hair, of course. But, that is something very difficult to achieve. So, the other and more practical remedy is to stop picking the skin, whether it is facial hair or a pimple
Even P (hubs) has a bad habit of picking his pimples and his skin has developed sort of small craters at places so beware of this habit! And, picking the skin to get rid of blackheads or facial hair leads to blood clots which appear as dark marks on the skin. 
How often have you applied your cuticle oil on the nails on your feet?
Well, I would say probably that poor feet nails are the most ignored part (except during the pedicure sessions) coz even though we apply and moisturise our heels and feet when we are going to sleep but actually massaging and spot treating the feet nails is something which we do not do often! 
So, the next time, you sit and moisturise your feet, grab the cuticle oil and apply a lot on your feet nails also. And, remove that old nail polish. Do not be lazy because it an cause your nails to discolour and become yellow.
Washing the Hands all too Often
It should be named mano-phobia after its latin term. It is already called mysophobia after the compulsion to wash hands because of fear of germs or contamination. But, that is not the only reason why people repeatedly wash their hands. It can just be a cleaning compulsion.  
So, I love doing it even if I have touched a dirty napkin or I have removed a plate of my own from the bed to the table or any small thing. And, then, there are big things like washing utensils and washing hands after the cleaning work or during the laundry. All the strong chemicals dry out the hands just like anything and only moisturising them is not really sufficient.
And, not applying sunscreen willfully
Granted that it is one of the most irritating chores on Earth, it is no reason to ditch it altogether. And, I can say that because I am a culprit of this. I hate applying sunscreen. But, I can readily see the disadvantages because of it. My forehead is completely covered with small rashes! Huh. So, dig that sunscreen in your cupboard and use it before you would have to throw it away!!
These are my top beauty mistakes I am still making in my life. What are yours? Do share them below!
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