Why not shampoo everyday? {Your Opinion}

Do not wash hair everyday is a common diktat when it comes to hair care routines. But, I have always wondered if it should really be so?. Now, there are quite a lot of scenarios in which I would say its better to wash hair than not in order to prevent damage.

For example, commuting in the peak hours of the traffic in a tropical weather does nothing but make you sweaty and dirty unless you are in your own car with air conditioning running which is not something everyone can afford.

Or, street shopping on a sunny day can accumulate lot of sweat on your scalp and salt in the sweat is a major cause of hair fall. Or, let us see, workouts!! An hour of workout session can cause the hair to get all sweaty and stringy. And, if you do swim, it is advisable to wash your hair after the session to prevent hair damage due to chlorine.

So, in all the above cases, it becomes more or less mandatory to wash the hair. So, why not wash it everyday? And, does no hair wash with such routine mean more damage to hair? Well, in my case, wash the hair as and when necessary. Only take care to use an SLS-free shampoo to prevent more damage.

What do you think? Would you wash your hair everyday if you do follow such routines? 


  1. Pranali says

    Swatiiiiiiiiii…. Glad to have you back!! Missed u and ur posts!
    I believe in the principle of keeping the scalp clean.. But I wudnt shampoo evryday cos the hair strands actually dnt need the daily cleansing just the scalp does and shampoos are strong for everyday use.. So if I have been sweating or have been in bad pollution, I wudnt shampoo the next day, but just rinse the hair with plain water..

    • says

      hey Pranali. thank you so much. and, i am so sorry not to have called you back. it is crazy these days 😀

      i have always been wary of plain water. whenever i have used plain water, i felt my hair to be more frizzy and dry! may be using a conditioner and then washing off is a good idea!

  2. says

    Swati You are right. Hair should be washed as and when necessary. But since the experts recoomend washing hair on alternate days cos of the natural oil stripping funda and since I have dry hair I refrain from washing my tresses everyday .

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