Sitting on the Floor – How Important? {Health}

We have moved!! Yup, to an apartment nearer to the offices! And, if you are a renter, you would know how difficult a move can be, especially the first move coz you do not have anything except for your clothes. We did try finding a furnished apartment but that did not happen.

So, the new house was bare with only walls and floor. And, all the furniture we ordered was not gonna be delivered for a week or two. Thankfully, we had the presence of mind to order for the mattresses before hand. So, we had something to work with.
And, that was the time when the problems arose. There was no stool or chair to sit on. For everything, we had to sit on the floor, cutting veggies or relaxing or sleeping. It has been almost 10 years since I have slept on the floor and the last time was at my grandparents house so I was clearly out of practice.

Helps with spinal cord stretch while sleeping
My mom prefers to sleep on the floor or hard beds because of her back problem. Apparently, the hardness of the floor helps alleviating the body of all kinds of pains. Honestly, I can not vouch for the scientific reasoning or proof of this statement and neither did this happen in my case. In fact, I everyday fell asleep dreaming of the soft and spongy memory foam mattresses of the hotels 😀
Definitely helps with Knees and Hips
Well, Indian tradition has always been pretty scientific. Even the squatting required in the Indian toilets has been proved to be beneficial for the health and body as opposed to the western ones. The act of sitting down and rising allows the lubrication of the knees and hip joints and keeps them healthy.
May Lose Me some Weight
Well, yes, I have yet to start with weight loss series. But, for now, I was just hoping all that up and down might have helped me with losing at least a kg or two. Man, you realize the weight of your body when you actually have to sit and get up from the ground!! But, then, two weeks might not make a lot of difference.
Apparently helps with Digestion and Makes one eat properly
I hate eating while sitting on the floor. It might be traditional or amazing for the body but I absolutely hate leaning and bending on my plate to eat without spilling. It is just too inconvenient, especially when you are over-weight! But, I think because of this reason, you tend to eat less and so less calories :) Nah, I used to sit on the mattress as opposed to the floor while having my meals so no reduction in calories :(
And, the list does not even start here. When I just googled about this topic, there are plenty many reason to sit on the floor and most of which will do amazing things for your body and help you keep active. So, go on and find yourself just one reason and start the practice! I know weight loss is good enough a reason for many of us and yet…we are lazy!
Do you have the habit of sitting on the floor?
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  2. says

    yes i have tried sleeping on the floor many times which helps me in my back pain.i noticed its quite healthy and relaxing to me.speaking about eating on floor , i have read somewhere that it helps to flow maximum amount of blood to liver (written in ayurveda as that article says) but thanx for reminding…and pls keep posting on health… its rear to find such useful posts…

    • says

      Hey Kritika. not only the blood flow but also the posture is perfect for ideal digestion of the food. i think we can also control how much we eat when we sit on the floor because of the pressure on the stomach. and, thanks a lot for your encouragement :)

  3. Coral crue says

    I really read your article with thorough interest. I can imagine how hard it must have been to move to a non furnished place. But truly it’s a blessing later on as you get to buy the furniture you require according to need. IN that way, minimal furnishing is always the best. I also like having one Indian toilet at home. There is a new mall in our locality and some of the mall goers were complaining about why some of the toilets in there were the Indian closets. I thought that was a boon, though, since its more hygienic considering how clean they keep public toilets here in india. It is also easier to go in them.
    I like sitting on the floor.

    • says

      hey Coral. thanks a lot for reading :)
      yup, i do like that way. in fact even while buying a house, i am preferring one which is under construction so that we can customize it accordingly!!
      yup, these days malls are coming with indian toilets. at least it is useful for ones who are either not used to american toilets or find it inconvenient. in fact my mom prefers indian just because it helps keeps knees in use!!

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