Blogging Series Vol. 18 – Why is it so wrong to make money from a blog?

I have been blogging for a really looooong time, so long that I feel I am an ancient now!! But, one thing, I have been always wary in all these years is how I earn money and get readers. Yesterday, yet another adwords coupon came along in my mail and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to make use of it while it lasts!!
But, then, I remembered all the flak around certain beauty blogs promoting their pages on facebook and getting likes. I mean, what is so wrong about paying to make facebook promote your page. It is not like you are forcing the people seeing your ads to like it, right? It is entirely their choice to like your page or not. And, paying to promote your page is a business decision which is absolutely sensible. Look at all the brands in the world!!
Why is it that when it comes to bloggers, they seem to get a huge share of criticism if they do one effort to earn money. If you think money is gonna decrease the quality of content, it is entirely justified and then you have a choice of unsubscribing. But, till that time, I think it is fair to give the blogger time and space to experiment with monetizing options. 

Blogging full time is a job and bloggers also need food and shelter, just like the rest. And, making money through blogs is not exactly easy, especially if you want to get home loans and such. So, people do whatever they can. May be readers, I know most of you understand these issues and this post is targeted to only few who choose to be exceptions, could be more supportive of that fact and give sometime to your favorite blogger to figure out options. 
From my personal experience, I can say that in these four years I have tried many ad networks and blog designs and have stuck to this minimalistic one since almost two years because I found out a balance between ads and content which satisfies me. Similarly, your favorite blogger will also learn. Just give it sometime. Money is very alluring in the beginning.
What do you think? Is making money really so wrong?
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  1. says

    Money making isn’t wrong at all. But you need to have a balance between them. You know once I read a review of a certain lipstick from a very reputed makeup blog and went to buy and I bought almost 4 or 5 at once, but after coming home and trying them on I realized how fool I had become falling prey to her review, so it really depends on the blogger, one needs to be honest. I do reviews too, and I know what’s right and wrong! (I don’t visit her blog anymore)

    • says

      that’s really bad!! but, then, it really depends on how well a product has been reviewed and i think it is safer to check around for other reviews and see if they concur on the point! for everyone, a product works differently.

  2. sam says

    personally i don’t feel bloggers are doing anything wrong. and if they are wrong, this case exists in other sectors as well. doctors get a share, coaching institutes also pay for promotion. no sector is left untouched. so either blame all or none. partiality is not fair, at least in my eyes

  3. says

    Swati there are incidents where in the clients approach bloggers with a “no paid review/ no cash” review requests. Its like we bloggers are sitting here idle just to entertain them or put in this way jobless. After a while I gave a damn decision of saying NO to anyone who says they are tight in budget. If they are tight , we are tight too as per our budget. There is no free lunch in this world and clients should understand that blogging is also a job like any other 24*7 job. This post was much needed .. Hmm thanks :)

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