Just Gossip Vol. 31 – Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall!!

Not exactly a review but we watched Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya yesterday and I had to talk about it. It has been quite sometime since some decent movies have come. 

Ek Villian was a huge disappointment. In fact, we went for a night show and movie had been running for 40 minutes and the screen disappears. I am assuming that the movie tape was corrupted. And, we were so relieved. It was a damn boring 40 min!! 
Bobby Jasoos. I have to say that the trailers were quite interesting and since I am not getting any movie bites on television or youtube, I rely only on the first impressions of the movie. And, this was definitely on my list because of Vidya Balan. And, she was damn good. In fact, we loved the movie except for its cliched ending for about 10 min. A fun and light-hearted film and of course, don’t expect much. 
Humpty ….. Dulhaniya. I am not sure if I loved it. But, I enjoyed it and the only reason why I enjoyed it was Varun Dhawan. His cute puppy look face and what will happen with him is what will keep you to the seats. Alia Bhatt is as usual spunky and she is more a Punjabi character than a Tamilian (portrayed in 2 States). SOTY seems to be a bad first movie for either of the actors. It was more of glitz than content. 
And, I am waiting for Finding Fanny and there is this one movie on food. Not Chef. It has Om Puri and Helen Miller and the story revolves around a restaurant and an Indian Michelin Star Chef learning cooking from Miller. The movie was supposed to hit theaters in July. Not sure when it will come!!
What about you? Did you like the movies? 
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