Just Gossip Vol. 30 – TV Shows you could binge on this weekend!

In all the time I had been missing on the blog, I have definitely not been missing the daily dose of my favorite sitcoms. Now, some, I have been watching since quite long and some of them are recent favorites. None of them are quite new in fact. You might have even been watching them 2-3 years or more!
The Vampire Diaries
I was never a fan but still I have compulsively watched the show. And, I think it is time to end it. Its getting weirder and weirder.
The Originals
This is the rip off from Vampire Diaries and I absolutely loved it even though the plot swerves just the way it wants to run the show just like TVD. Its a good show if you are interested in the teenage drama. 
And, now we move on to more mature things now!

True Blood
Currently, the show is running in its seventh and finale season. I had loved the initial three seasons and kept on following its more and more bizarre plots but it feels sad that the show is finally gonna end. The seventh season is coming back to the track followed by the first. And, I am sure all its key characters are gonna die as the finale reaches :(
Absolutely brilliant first and prequel seasons. And, a good second season but the third was more or less a compulsion watch for me. The political drama and the actors are a must watch in the first and second season and the prequel, of course. A lot of gore and s*x, though.
Game of Thrones
Ok, I might be living under a rock if I say that I have not watched the series before this summer. I have known GoT for quite sometime but every time I started to watch it, I lost interest right in the first fifteen minutes of the premier episode of the series.
But, then, I watched the most amazing episode 8 of season 4 where poor Oberyn gets killed and in the most cruel way possible. And, that got me hooked. Ok, looking back, the only parts which have me hooked are the Lannisters and Starks. Rest of them might as well go into the narrow sea. Danerys’s plot is really stretchy!! And, the night’s watch, seriously???
House of Cards
Absolutely brilliant. Kevin Spacey and his wife. The first season was mind blowing. Second more or less wavered on and off the track but then the last scene of the season makes you wait for the third which will come next year in February. 
This is not a new series. It has been there since I do not know when. And, this is the only show I am watching currently on TV. Has me hooked all seven days from 7-8PM on Zee Studio HD. This is a rerun of the series, fyi. I just hope you know who am I talking about. 
The Big Bang Theory
Zee Studio HD is doing a rerun of all the shows and I love Sheldon so I sometimes do watch it. Its currently in season 4 on the mentioned channel. But whatever the channel, Sheldon is always a delight. And, btw, I do not really follow the series. I just watch few random episodes so I have no idea where is the current track heading to.
This is my short and sweet list of the sitcoms I have watched and am watching. So, did you watch any of them or planning to watch any?
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