Do you care about not being told of brands endorsed by salons? {Your Opinion}

Sometime before my wedding, I had inquired about body polishing prices with many of the salons around. When I used to ask them about the brand of the products they would use, the answer invariably was we do not reveal the brands we use, madam.
I hate it when anyone does that to me. Where do the consumer rights act go at this point of time? I think it is very important to preserve the transparency in their business as well as to uphold the trust of a customer that none of the salons shrink from revealing the products they use. Ultimately it is us who are paying obscene amounts and for what, we are not sure!!
Anyways, being the cynical me, I always see the other side of the picture. What if they are telling us one brand and using something else. Because, it is not like they put up all the products in front of us, right? They put a bit of amount of all those products into handy utensils and then come to the service room. Who knows what goes where?
What do you say? Do you think it is smart to not disclose so as to keep the customer guessing and keep coming back to the salon for THE amazing treatments or never know about the product which induced such horrible reactions on their skin, if any?
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    Hey! First of all glad you’re back!

    I can’t believe that salons can do that! How unethical! For all we know they could be using the cheapest thing available… I’ve personally never had that experience; I would have refused their service if I heard that. What if we are allergic to some ingredients in a brand?

    Whenever I’ve asked they have told me. However, I have only asked about hair products. I should try asking about which wax they use & see if they tell me! 😉

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      hey Poohkie. glad to be back :) yeah, some of the salons in Hyderabad do it, not all though. so, i thought its better to go to ones where they at least tell what they use.

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    I always had this question in my mind earlier when I was in Kerala . The beautician along with the help would go in and start whispering as if they are about to prepare the serum/cream altogether. But in Mumbai yes things are way far transparent .. Now I have peace of mind when they transfer products from the package and use it all infront of me :)

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      hey Sangeetha. yeah, i think the issues of non-transperancy are prevalent among salons who do not care about their customers. even in Hyderabad and that too situated in a very affluent area, the salon answered me in such a way!!

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