Which Shampoo to Use? {Reader’s Query}

“Could you please suggest a shampoo for 8 yr old girls? I am using J&J baby shampoo still but I have started observing it is not working on their hair and cleaning it properly? I see dandruff also started developing in their scalps. Any remedy for that?”

Actually, I would suggest organic surge shampoo for anyone. I would say stay away from sls shampoos and get organic products. They help keeping the scalp healthy and moisturized. The dandruff being developed might be due to the dryness of the scalp as far as I understand. Do you oil their hair? I would suggest you to oil their hair regularly and then use shampoos. Or, you can also go for body shop or schwarzkopf shampoos but all of them are definitely expensive!!
Thanks so much for the reply! I’m oiling their hair with J&J baby hair oil only. Do you suggest any other oils (brands)? Also can you please recommend any brand for organic shampoo? I heard Body shop products have lot of chemicals and they tend to dry hair. I’ve no idea about schwarzkopf shampoo. Should I get one for me first and see :-) 

I would suggest you to go for pure coconut oil or such things instead of J&J baby oil and all. It has mineral oil and might not suit everyone. Also, if possible, I can suggest to you the bhringraj oil or neelibrigandi sort of oil from arya vaidya sala shop or website or even pure coconut or sesame or mustard oils from 24 letter mantra or any other organic brand. If you stay in Hyderabad or Bangalore, I can suggest you to check out goodseeds website. And, for arya vaidya sala, they have lot of shops in Hyderabad and Bangalore as far as my knowledge goes.

Check out the following:

And, regarding organic shampoo, I would say Organic Surge brand is really really good. I have been using it almost since a year and its awesome. And, regarding body shop or schwarzkopf, I have not personally tried them so I can really not say anything about them. I just suggested coz I have heard good reviews about them!!

What do you say? Any pointers as to which shampoo should she use?
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    The Body Shop Rainforest collection- which is SLS and silicone free gave me a lot of hairfall. I tried 2 variants. Don’t go for that. Waste of (a lot of) money

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    I agree with Shraddha.. TBS has some good SLS free shampoos. You could also try TNC hair cleansers.. they are good! If you are looking out for a natural, inexpensive version, try shikakai powder. Believe it its better than all the shampoos you find on this earth! But it might dry out her hair if her hair type is already dry so make sure to add some curd with it before using.

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    As we all know, conditioning of hair is very important to keep your hair healthy and Shiny. I would recommend you all to try The Body Shop’s Rainforest Moisture Conditioner once and then you’ll witness the difference. You can buy the amazing product online as well from http://www.thebodyshop.in

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