My Hair Diary – February 2014

Finally, I have started taking back my life in control!! This month has been really good on my hair and the hair growth regime is back with a bang ๐Ÿ˜€ So, check out what happened.

The good news first. 
– One, I got a haircut so most splits gone :)
– Second, I have been pretty regular at oiling so my hair is back to its old silky self
– Third, less hair fall 
– Fourth, dandruff and lice gone :)
– Fifth, tried a new cocktail of oil!! Oh yes, I have new oils to talk about. 
– Sixth, I got the wooden comb finally! Oh, I forgot to tell you all that my TBS comb broke sometime back in December or January and I was not able to find it for one month in any of the outlets. Finally, got it in Del. And, my hair is happy again :) 
Now, coming to the bad part! My scalp still itches and hair fall is not entirely gone. Mum said that hair itches even during hair fall so I am guessing that might be it. And, I did not really get any time for hair spa which I had determined to get at least once in three weeks. 
Anyways, I have to mention a few points this time.
Wooden comb is really better than plastic when it comes to frizzy hair! I do not know if it is more efficient in distributing the oils, though. 
– My hair gets itchy on the second day of the wash so it can also be due to any sweat or dirt which gets accumulated on the scalp and hair fall is a direct result of it. 
– My MIL also loved the Kamini shampoo! I got 3 bottles for her this time. I mean the shampoo is really awesome even though I do not know the ingredient list. 
– The Love Long Hair Range is performing well on my hair and I am guessing if it is Pantene only. My dad also suspected the same! 
– Since I got finished with the grapeseed oil, I got rosehip this time to use as a leave-in though I have not yet started trying it!
Products Used
  • Shampoo – Madara Shampoo + Love Long Hair Range
  • Conditioner – Love Long Hair Range
  • Hair Oil – Cocktail (which I will talk about soon)
So, how was the month for your hair? Is it over the winter blues?
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  1. Pranali says

    Yay hair diaries…!! It is one of my fav feature on this blog..!!
    I use rosehip oil on my face.. Never heard about using it on scalp..
    I have the same scalp issue.. It gets itchy on the second day of hair wash.. My scalp gets greasy and then the fungi feed on the sebum and dead skin.. What worked for me is mint-camphor scalp mask and I’ve been using Dhurdhurpatradi kera tailam (used for itchy scalp issues) from avs.. I mix it with neelibringadi and it has kept itching at bay.. Now even on the 4th day of hair wash, my scalp dsnt itch..

    • Pranali says

      I had done a post on the mask on wiseshe.
      Dhurdhurpatradi is awesome..!! Its highly beneficial for scalp issues.. Before I came across this oil, I was totally dependent on the mint camphor mask but then the whole task of preparing the mask and then applying it, keeping it on for 30-40mins was just too much to be incorporated on weekdays.. Even the acv hair rinse was not working out for me.. This oil is such a boon..

    • says

      hey pranu….glad that it is useful :)
      yup rosehip is equally amazing for scalp and hair for soft and shiny hair. oh this mint camphor mask sounds good. can you tell the recipe???
      seems like i should try this oil!! for now, i am using camphor oil to keep itching at bay but its not really working.

    • Pranali says

      The rosehip oil I am using is from aura cacia.. Got it from iherb but its quite expensive.. Also the ingredient list mentions that it is rosehip fruit and not rosehip seed.. Is soulflower rosehip seed or fruit??
      Just store ur rosehip oil in fridge.. The shelf life is elongated this way.. Otherwise this oil goes rancid very quickly..

    • says

      oh great! will check out the mask and try it when I can. i am using soulflower only. i donno if any other brand has the same oil. and will definitely check out the oil you mentioned. its quite a mouthful to pronounce ๐Ÿ˜€

    • says

      yup aura cacia is pretty expensive. this is what soulflower says about the rosehip oil:
      Rosehip Carrier Oil is extracted from the seed pod of rose flower (Rosa Rubiginosa) by coldpressing and contains natural retinoic Vitamin A, Omega 3 & Beta – Carotene. It is a skin moisturiser for the face & body. It also works well with most essential oils and in combination with other carrier oils.

      so its the seed oil. hmmm….good idea. i will store it in the fridge. i have not yet started using it.

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