The Oil Cocktail {DIY}

It has been so long since I have done any DIY!! Anyways, I mentioned in my hair diary that I have been using an hair oil cocktail. So, let me share the recipe with you. Now, it does have some not very easily available things. In fact, I have them on hand right now but even I have no idea how to procure them once they run out. 
  • Mustard oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Clove oil
  • Oil of Wintergreen
You simply mix all of them, right? Ok, so, let me explain all of them. 
  • Mustard oil is the base oil in which all of these other oils go. 
  • Now, all these oils are basically pretty strong oil so they should not be used in heavy quantities. They should be diluted with the carrier oil or the base oil just like the essential oils. 
  • Put 20 tablespoons (20 ml) each of camphor and clove oils in mustard oil (100 ml). 
  • Put only 5 tablespoons (5 ml) of wintergreen oil for 100ml. 
    And, the oil is done!! 

    Now, I have already talked about mustard, clove and camphor oils. 
    Oil of Wintergreen is basically a naturally occurring salicylic acid methyl ester from the family of aspirin. It is actually a medicinal herb which is widely used to relieve muscle joints and heal the skin diseases. And, it is highly toxic if used in high quantities!! 
    For our purposes which is how it is beneficial for hair and scalp, it acts like an astringent and helps contracting the hair follicles, there by, strengthening them. Also, since it belongs to the family of salicylic acid, it acts as mild exfoliant and keeps the infections at bay which is why it is used in cosmetics.
    The oil stimulates blood circulation and is easily absorbed. It has a warming effect on the area where it is applied which is why it helps with pains. But, the oil should never be taken internally or used in huge amounts on skin or hair or anywhere else!! I think oil of wintergreen (which is also called gaultheria oil) might be available in ayurvedic stores. Will confirm and get back on that. 
    Btw, I do have EO’s as well in my recipe but it just struck me now that I have no idea how wintergreen blends with other EO’s so it is always best to use it in seclusion instead of blending with oils. Yes, clove, camphor and wintergreen can blend together coz all of them are stimulants and relieve pain.
    So, what do you think of this DIY? Does it sound interesting for you to try out?
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    1. Pranali says

      What is oil of winter green?? Hearing this name for the first time.. Whr did u hear abt it before incorporating it in ur cocktail??

      • says

        i heard of it long back while researching for oils and hair care and then i went for a body massage where they used this oil. i found a bottle or two of it in my IL’s place so dug more into it and how it really helps. its actually a pain relief oil so volini and all muscle relaxants stink of this smell 😀 it warms up immediately and burns a lot. but it is highly toxic so should be used in very minimal quantities.

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