Love Long Hair Range – Update II {Product Review}

the blind test for Love Long Hair Range at Perfect Skin Care for you

I am loving the super awesome weather of Hyderabad. I would love to curl up in my bed with a book and coffee or may be get a chair and sit in front of the balcony with a thriller!! Oh yes, I am daydreaming but some day its gonna come true :) And, I also hope that my dream of long and healthy hair also comes true!! 
Speaking on the same note, I have started testing the love long hair range which I had talked about some days back. This time my product review is not undergoing the usual one month rigor which is sad but then I can always update on the results!!
But, for the starters, the product has surprised me. I was not really expecting the shampoo to wash off all the oil which I had slathered the day I got the product! In fact the shampoo did not lather much and I felt the hair a bit stringy post the wash. I was sure the product would disappoint. 

the blind test for Love Long Hair Range at Perfect Skin Care for you
But, it turned the other way round. Once my hair was dry, it was soft, more shiny and definitely not oily. But, the cynic in me never deters. So, the next time I washed, my hair was greasy with four days of no-wash. The results were not something to jump at. But, definitely, my hair was shiny and looked moisturized.
And, then, I went to Delhi and there I used my mom-made oil which is absolutely smashing for hair. And, once I washed off my hair (trust me, it was damn greasy!) and it was dry, it looked soooooooo shiny. The results lasted for 2 days. And, the result repeated the next time I used the product as well.
My hair was super silky and shiny and moisturized and now I am confused as to what to attribute this change to – the new comb (plastic vs wooden), the oil, the product range or even the water change. In fact, I have one complaint that the results do not last longer than one and a half day to two days at max!! 
Coming back with more testing next week….
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  1. Pranali says

    Now I am getting all the more excited to know what this brand turns out to be.. They are even active on Twitter prompting their product..

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