Love Long Hair Range – Update III {Product Review}

the blind test for Love Long Hair Range at Perfect Skin Care for you
So, I am back with the more advanced and in-depth review on the product. Let me start with the texture. Both the conditioner and the shampoo are white in color and creamy in texture. But, conditioner is not that creamy as much as one would like especially if they have dry hair!
A dollop of shampoo when I squeeze the bottle is enough for two washes for my hair. I always dilute my shampoos with water and even then the shampoo lathers conservatively and removes the oil without you realizing it. When you are gonna apply the conditioner, the hair might feel a bit stringy and oily but that is absolutely fine. After it dries off, there is no oil in the hair!
I have used the shampoo once without oiling my hair and no conditioner either. The hair was soft and shiny. I did feel, though, that the scalp was left a bit dry. So, its better to shampoo after applying oil. Also, I am not sure but my hair might have been left a bit drier without the conditioner.

Oh btw, I have not talked of applying the conditioner. You squeeze the bottle and get a dollop of conditioner but when you are applying it on the hair strands, it just disappears and becomes watery and does not give you the creamy feel like other conditioners give. It gets washed off very easily without leaving any slimy feel behind or without using a lot of water.
And, my final use before publishing this review was today morning. I was in a hurry so I did not apply the conditioner for that long but used the rosehip oil as a leave-in afterwards. My hair is, sadly, feeling a little dry and not so shiny which is really sad. Anyways, once I use the entire product, I shall update my final verdict in the hair diaries. 
For the bloggers who tested it, did you like the products? And, for others, are you excited to know which brand is it? It is gonna be unveiled pretty soon :)
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