Books 2014 Vol. 5 – “It Started with a Friend Request” by Sudeep Nagarkar


Well, P likes a lot of Indian authors! And, for good reason, sometimes. He prefers to read something totally non-brainy and fun and something which have a close resemblance to real life and a book which gets finished in a jiffy! I put all the desi college love stories by the budding authors into that category.

I generally tend to ignore such books coz they are too tame for me and they do not give me the adrenalin rush which I crave after a book is over. Thriller is my genre and romance is his! Anyways, let me come back to this book. I read the book coz I was getting bored and I did not get a good book for myself since quite long and also thi book is good.
Aleesha moves to Bombay from Kolkatta right when the novel starts and she lands up living with Tamannah, daughter of a family friend, until they are forced to shift on a short notice by the landlord. Aleesha meets Akash in a night club on one of the nights she goes out with Tamannah. And, they end up exchanging their BBM pins and start talking. 

It is a typical love story of Aleesha, a bong beauty cum brains, and Akash, a poor and hard-working guy who lost his father too early and is responsible for his mother and sister, who are aptly supported by their respective friends, Kritika and Aditya. And, there is another track of Tamannah’s obsessive love with her colleague, Deep.
The writing is simple and story moves quickly without dragging at any place. The story resonates very closely with the couples we see in real life. The intent of the author is glorify the protagonists love. Indeed every love story is special but I failed to connect with it. Yes, I enjoyed reading it but it never gripped me that I was desperate to find out what happened. But then, I think I was not the right audience for this book.
My Verdict
The book is simple and good for a train journey or a bus ride. Its a well-written book. But, if you are looking for a thought provoking or a nail-biting page turner, this one did not turn out one for me. But, please remember, I love thrillers instead. I would recommend it to people who like love stories and enjoy romance at its best.
Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? 
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    • says

      haha…i concur with the above statement and also with yours. even i get bored reading the teenage love stories. guess we are too big for those kinds of books 😀

    • Pranali says

      When I was a teenager I used to love reading love stories.. they used to make me feel like I was floating on clouds but now I find them silly esp the ones written by Indian authors..

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