Excess Body Heat and Acne {Skin Care}

So, this time when I went to Delhi, my mom was shocked by how much I had gained!! Well, its time that I start on my health routine seriously. Oh btw, I got the regular health checkup tests done a few days back and got my reports yesterday. So, I do not have diabetes or thyroid or any kidney issues but my cholesterol levels are kinda on the border level!! 
Huh…now new problems to deal with :( Anyways, I was talking about my weight gain. So, I started talking to mom about my daily routine in the past month and I realized that I have been junking heavily!! The only healthy thing in my entire day was sugarcane juice which I had started consuming heavily again!! 
Every day in the evening I feel hungry and I gorge on samosa or egg puff or paneer puff or potato wedges or samosa ragda or some stuff like that. And, gulp all that down and wash it off with two glasses of sugarcane juice so as not to feel guilty on spoiling my health so much. And, all that showed effect. And, guess what, lately I have been facing so many boils on my body. 

What happens when excess heat produces? Big red boils appear one day, trouble me for some days and go away again and the cycle repeats at some other point. Why do they suddenly come up? Well, the simple answer is because of the increase in body temperature. Human body performs optimally at 98.6 degrees but any change in the temperature which is due to internal issues affect the body and it tries to reduce the temperature by various means which can also result in acne. 
Why does body temperature rise? Because of reduction in immunity levels, increase in oily and fried and spicy foods, excess physical activity, thyroid issues, burning in stomach and so on. And, these things can result in stomach ulcers, headaches, acidity, skin rashes and boils and quite a lot of other things. 
How to avoid? So, if you are suffering from acne, the simple reason can be excess body temperature. Acidity and constipation are some of the very obvious symptoms to know that. May be cooling down the body might help in controlling the acne in those cases so drink lots of sugarcane juice, coconut water, buttermilk, eat lots of cucumber and watermelon, stay away from almonds and family and reduce junk food.     
So, do you think your body is producing more heat and acne is one of the ways to expend the heat? How do you regulate your body temperature?


  1. Pranali says

    I have huge body heat issues.. I get big red bumps on my back which develop slight puss.. Just my two cents- sugarcane juice increases body heat.. My doc told me that gulkand is very good for reducing cost temperature..

    • Pranali says

      My ayurvedic doc said that sugarcane juice is proving hot for me so I am gettibgvthose red bumps on my back.. I eat the gulkand from my doc itself.. But I do like the taste!!

    • says

      omg….and, are you really sure sugarcane increases body heat???? the reson i am asking is that earlier i was about to mention that coz my mom said the same thing and then i found while googling that sugarcane is hydrating and cooling so i got confused and did not mention about it at all. i thought i would ask someone before publishing anything about it!!! oh yes, gulkand is damn good but where do you get it??? guess patanjali and all such shops carry it na. i have never really bought it actually and i donno if anyone in hyderabad is gonna understand anything if i say gulkand.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi, I use besan,almonds n turmeric paste instead of any face wash o soap daily is it okay?I find I’m glowing though I’m encountered with pimples now n then n can I follow the banana peel to get rid of the pimples? Reply awaited:-)

  3. Madhu says

    Hi swati

    Even I m finding that because of more workout i m sweating more and getting pimples followed by ugly black marks.Have tried various home remedies but nothing seems to work as such..now all hopes on you

    • says

      for this issue, what your first step should be is to cleanse your skin well immediately after the workout. now, do you work out in a gym or home?
      for gym, you could carry a face wash which you would use after the work out to clean your face of the sweat.
      for home, you can take a bath immediately.
      this way you would avoid the case of pores getting clogged due to too much of sweat. also, use warm salt water as a last rinse to cleanse your face thoroughly. do try this out and let me know how it goes :)

  4. Atharva Vhibhute says

    I have small pilples on my fore head which grow big after few days ……….
    I am confused about the cause of the pilples ..is it heat or other facial problem but I have heat problems ……so hore to cure it……

  5. says

    I’m 27 now. I’m also having body heat issue, sometimes getting very big red bumps in my back and faces at-least monthly once. I don’t know how my body heat increases even i’m drinking buttermilk, coconut water also. I’m going to get marry in 3 next months. Can you tell the reason and suggest me something to reduce it.

  6. shubham says

    I m 16 yrs old and on my face there are so many pimples and acne I asked so many people how it comes some says due to heat some says due to mastubrating plz can u explain it I m sry but its necessary and urgent

  7. Noname says

    Im Also having problems with acne.But guys Please dont try home remedies and Too much creams because it will Make it small but still it would increase rapidly and be embarrassing.
    The best thing is to keep your body cool
    Maybe by eating watermelons,Some Juices or coconut Juice, Milk And water
    The way it comes It will go.
    Dont regret after getting too much. Im experienced..
    So, Just keep a cool head and stop oily food
    Hope it helps

  8. Vaishali says

    I am troubling from pimples in my face.My body temaparature is also high . What can i do for that.When i take any treatment then they go away for sometime but they again appear.So i feel shy and i am also suffring from weight loss.Plz give me your suggesion.

  9. Vishal balande says

    Hey friends I am get acnes every bt when I start a lasso pocket..natural lasso pocket. ..it mreduces u r heat really and reduce u r big acnes really…drink one packet natural lasso.

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